YARS: Are we ready for next gen and do we want it?

With next gen consoles being a pretty hot topic, Andrzej from YARS decided to look at the history of generation releases to see if we are actually on schedule for the next gen or not. The results caused a little bit of surprise and created a little humble pie.

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Batzi2607d ago

I want it but I am not ready!! NGP is on its way and that's going to cost alot of money! It's not like we have Sony to worry about only. I am also looking forward to buy the 3DS!! and now Nintendo announced their next gen console... I can't believe it!! MONEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY YYYYY!

daverage2607d ago

Yes, I didn't even mention handhelds!!
I just can't justify the cost of yet more consoles - even though I run a games review site!

Counter Strike2607d ago

Wii 2 Next and Xbox 3 in 2013... Followed by Ps4 in 2014.

Seems about right.

daverage2607d ago

Yep. Still don't want to spend the money on them :(

fluffydelusions2606d ago

I wouldn't say no to a PS4/720 if they were to announce it.

BlmThug2606d ago

Im Still Enjoying This Gen, 2013 The Year When Next Gen Should Be Released

BYE2606d ago

Way too early in my opinion. Look at Gears 3, Uncharted 3. Those games are proof that devs are not limited by hardware, but by the budgets and dedication that Naughty Dog / Epic Games have.

daverage2606d ago

I suppose the same can be said when you look at God of War 2 on the PS2. Everyone said that proved the ps2 was not dead.

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