Garbage Truck Simulator Review - Techtroid

“Crucially, could be one of the most important games ever made.”

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Kran2549d ago

lol Wheres the "sex" simulator game? ;P or should i say: Sex Stimulator ;P

KingZFlipper2549d ago

I saw this in my local gamestop. WTF? There were also other these type of simulators e.g. Garden simulator. Somebody must be on crack when creating these games. :D

ainsz2549d ago

It is astonishing how many iterations they come up with. It's almost as bad as that god awful Imagine series. Imagine Babies anyone?

Brawler2549d ago

Damn i was hoping this game would be good :(

Frosty1988UK2549d ago

Bought Digger Simulator last year for £2 for a giggle.

I was not laughing. I knew I should have got Crane Simulator instead...