Xboxer360: Online passes, will they save or destroy the games market?

Marc Jones of writes "Launch day, we all know that feeling. You can almost taste that new game you’ve been waiting for. So you cough up about £40, a chunk of which goes to the developers and publishers, and load it up ready to destroy your mates online or try to rack up another 1000 Gamerscore. It’s at this point you notice that you need to enter the code you’ve found inside the case to access all the in-game features. No bother though; an extra couple of minutes bashing in some digits and you’re away. All is well..."

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BeastlyRig2673d ago

both! Devs will make more money & gamers will hate that they are forced to give game devs money for their game!

jessupj2673d ago

I rent pretty much all my games. (You can't blame me when here in Australia games are $120) Unfortunately, that means game passes make me miss out on a lot. I would have rented dirt 3, but since there isn't even a possibility of obtaining the plat because of the online trophies I'm not going to even bother. I hate unfinished games in my trophy list.

I understand developers deserve money for their games though, so no hard feelings. More 7 day trials would be nice though.

Enate2673d ago

An they get plenty of it the same way car manufactures do. The online pass is severely flawed. Can't play on another system in your home without paying. Can't let a friend borrow the game for a couple of days to check it out online. An like you I rent a lot of games an the online pass absolutely kills that.

The online pass bs was adopted so fast no one even thought to consider the customer. An now that all these companies are doing it. They have still yet to look into a better solution.

Bluemaster772673d ago

Is it possible that you could save money by importing them from lets say the US or buying digital ?

jessupj2673d ago

@ Blue

I could, and I do when I feel a game is worthy of purchase. Games such as LBP, RDR and Demon's souls I've purchased for about $50 each from the UK.

It's still a lot more money then renting. I'm the kind of gamer that furiously plays through a game, but as soon as I get the platinum I generally have little motivation to play it ever again. So renting it perfect for me.

I get lucky sometimes though. I'm very friendly with one of the guys I rent from and he sometimes gives me codes for games I rent.

But he doesn't always because he's not supose to, so hopefully not too many more developers will adopt that system of game passes.

lelo2play2673d ago (Edited 2673d ago )

It's a good thing... it will simply make pre-owned games cheaper.

Nobody is going to give £20 for a pre-owned game (+ 10£ for online) when they can buy a new game 30-35£ with online pass intact.... that way if someone wants to sell a pre-owned game, they have to make it cheaper.

gamingdroid2673d ago

Did you consider the fact that anyone in your family that wants to play will have to have their own online pass?

Publishers are charging you for something you already paid for! At least DLC was an extra you could choose to buy or ignore. Multi-player is a huge component of games these days, and being locked out is ridiculous.

That is why I vehemently dislike companies like EA. At least Activision charges me more for maps, but that is an additional component. Not something I already paid for!

lelo2play2673d ago (Edited 2673d ago )

Since it's family, why not everyone use the same account... that way you don't have to pay the extra 10£.

LOL... Do you have something to hide in your account ?

gamingdroid2673d ago (Edited 2673d ago )

I don't have anything to hide in my account, can't think of what that would be.

However, I want my achievements/trophies to be mine not some joint account. I also want the stats and matchmaking to reflect me.

For instance, my brother is really good at games (he is mostly on PS3 anyhow and I tend to be on Xbox) and I hate to ripped to shreds online because I'm matched with his opponents.

I paid for the game and shouldn't be limited in how I play and how I share it. Do movie studios put limit on who I lend my games too, because of the resale market?

If devs/publisher aren't making money, it is because they aren't making quality products that appeal. Not because it is an unprofitable business. I'm sure Activision can share some of that CoD profit pie, if there was a serious competitor.

M-Easy2673d ago

I have purposely not bought games just because they use online passes. Companies should follow the Sony model. Online play still free but if you are the 1st owner of the game you get special dlc & perks.

fghsjdfghjdfhgkjdf2673d ago

I think small scale DLC should be free because a paid DLC system encourages developers to purposefully hold content back. I also feel the second hand games market right now is a scam for everyone except the games retailers. Therefore, an ideal future as far as I'm concerned is one where all DLC is free for first hand buyers but online play is still available to second hand buyers.

With that system it means developers that hold content back won't be punishing the first hand buyers for the sake of a longer business model, and it means more people will be encouraged to buy first hand. It also means second hand buyers will get cheaper deals and still have the original game intact. But most importantly it means the games retailers will have to invest more into buying first hand stock, and they won't make such a huge profit on underpaying and overcharging customers.

silver-surfer2673d ago

With games such as Battlefield BC2 never getting higher than 3rd most played on Xbox Live despite the games in 1st and 2nd places being over a year or more older i would suggest it's very clear that publishers attempted greed to counter second hand sales is damaging their games.

Why should someone who buys a game second hand have to play online, the person who originally bought the game is nolonger playing it!

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