Mortal Kombat: Censorship Failure

GamePron uncovers how easy it is to import Mortal Kombat into Australia: "When the latest game in the long-running Mortal Kombat franchise of beat-’em-up games was refused classification in Australia due to our lack of an R18+ rating for mature gamers, I didn’t think much of it. It was the latest in a long succession of games deemed unsuitable for children, which is quite a reasonable thing to conclude, given the games aren’t supposed to be for children."

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LastDance2676d ago

can everyone say this phrase out-loud to yourself,
"Then there’s the slew of them that get through with an MA 15+ rating when in every other first-world country they’re illegal to sell to minors at all"

Vecta2676d ago

What about it? Games like gears of war get through in Australia with an MA 15+ rating which technically allows "minors"(perhaps the wording could have be better in the article there, but a minor in Australia is someone under the age of 16)to buy the game, simply because we have no rating to classify the game as 17/18+ only,

whereas the same game in America can only be bought by 17+ or in the UK at 18+ and is illegal for "minors" to buy.

LastDance2675d ago

I was refering to the english acually.

Vecta2675d ago

There is nothing wrong with the english in the sentence.

LastDance2675d ago

Well if we are looking at it from a girl who reads twilight perspective then yes the english in this article is good.

2676d ago
theaceh2676d ago

Australians, the Sheeva ending was made just for you. xD