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Dissidia 012[duodecim] Final Fantasy is the follow up to the wildly successful first title that took the PlayStation Portable by storm back in 2009. Square Enix has developed a very unique blending of genres with this series. Part role playing game, part fighting and tons of hidden extras and collectibles make the series a very interesting entry into gaming overall. Does this installment add enough new content and features to make it worth it for those that played Dissidia Final Fantasy to begin with?

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agentxk2671d ago

Great game! It's actually better than the original

GearedForGamers2671d ago

That's exactly why I think it is the definitive version. It's always with me between other titles. There is SO much to do.

Redempteur2671d ago

they fixed a lot of things that prevented me from enjoying the original

3 campaigns , and even the previous campaing is longer now .
more characters , labyrith mode , more weapons , more skills more of everything really

likerussia2671d ago

I wanna get it when the price drops down more, I'm glad to hear it's better than the original.