Sony Cuts PS3, PS2 Prices to Entice Indian Gamers

Business Standard and The Escapist report:

Sony is cutting console and game prices for PS3 and PS2, as well as working to create Indian IPs and localized titles like "SingStar Bollywood" and "Buzz in India" to capture a market in its infancy. The Indian gaming market is expected to grow from the current Rs 60 crore (US$15 million) to Rs 550 crore (US$140 million) by 2010. The price cuts are as followed:

* PS3: from Rs 34,990 (US$886) to Rs 29,990 (US$760)
* PS2: from Rs 8,990 (US$228) to Rs 6,990 (US$177)
* Games: from Rs 999 (US$25) to Rs 499 (US$12) per game

Sony still ends up subsidising 36-37 percent of the cost on import duties in India.

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Kenshin_BATT0USAI3775d ago

did I read that right? 12 $ for a game, that is a freakin amazing price right there.

skagrerrrr3775d ago

projected to overtake the population of China, i would label it as a Target Rich Environment for sony

rushbd3775d ago

As I live in Bangladesh now I wont have to worry about game prices. Thanks sony. !!!!!!!!

killer_trap3775d ago

i think I'll start importing from India then. i have a couple of urdo speaking friends, i hope they'll do the ranslations.

borntodie0073775d ago

indian ppl don't speak urdu, they speak hindi. like 3 yrs ago i imported ps1 and ps2 games from pakistan they were like rs 10 which is...not even 50 cents in U.S but the games are european format which i bealieve is FAT?

nix3775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )



but i'm guessing the price cut was for PS2 games only. sigh!

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