Top PS2 games to be remastered on PS3

Since the God of War & other series of collections were remastered on PS3 I’ve been thinking, there’s many more classics that were released on the PS2 that I & many people would love to see released on the PS3 in high definition and including some trophies in there, that’s a dream come true. The God of War collection brought back some amazing memories while I played it. I’m sure you all know that feeling you get when you play a game you haven’t touched in years, it’s a really nice nostalgic feeling. Anyway, here are the games that NEED to be remastered on the PS3! Be sure to comment below what games you would like remastered or what your favourite games were in the past generation.

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Yi-Long2333d ago (Edited 2333d ago )

... I would like to add:
- Power Stone 1/2 HD
- Def Jam FFNY HD
- Dragon Quest 8 HD
- NBA Street V3
- Psychonauts

itani2333d ago

Ah would love the Dragon Quest 8 also. Thanks for the reminder :).

Vherostar2333d ago

Well one of the games on this list (on the article) are already being remastered and are going to be announced at E3.

TheCrazyMerc2333d ago

Socom, Starwars, and FF series, as well as GTA.

EeJLP-2333d ago (Edited 2333d ago )

Personally, I want:

PS2 HD Collections:
Metal Gear Solid 1-3
God of War I-II (already released)
Ico / Shadow of the Colossus (already announced)
Ratchet & Clank / GC / UYA (and Deadlocked if it fits)
Grand Theft Auto 3 / Vice City / San Andreas
Test Drive: Eve of Destruction with MotorStorm: Arctic Edge?
Resisdent Evil 1-4 & Code Veronica (3 PS1, 2 PS2 era, should be possible on 1 disk)

PSP HD Collections:
God of War: Chains of Olympus & Ghost of Sparta
Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker & Portable Ops (Peace Walker built for PS3 would be better though)

Others I'd consider:
Oddworld Collection - All 4 or however many there are
Tony Hawk Collection - 1-4? With Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX bonus.
Command & Conquer / Red Alert / Red Alert: Retaliation and others
Killzone 1 remake build for PS3, not quality enough for just a remaster IMO.
Star Wars: Battlefront I & II maybe

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Godmars2902333d ago (Edited 2333d ago )

I'd actually say around VIII if not VII. XI there was some attempt to take back what the series was, but by then it was pretty obvious that they had lost their way. That Square became full of themselves and too focused on presentation and appearance rather than story and gameplay.

But as far as HD remakes are concerned I'd like to see Xenosaga, Devil May Cry, ZOE 1 & 2 and Sky Gunners.

Actually, would rather see sequels to Sky Gunner and Ring of Red but I doubt anyone is thinking of those games.

itani2333d ago

Did you really dislike FFX? I thought it was one of the best in the series. The journey itself was memorable and an emotional journey that I've never experienced in games that's excluding Shenmue.

SpaceFox2333d ago

Yes! Completely agree. Such a beautiful and memorable journey, and the first game I'd ever played that connected with me on an emotional level. To this day it remains my favorite game ever.

I hope to God they bring it to the PS3, that would be such a surreal experience to play it again in HD after so many years.

Dart892333d ago (Edited 2333d ago )

I would love a Black HD remake with multiplayer.One of the best FPS games i played during ps2 era.

iamnsuperman2333d ago

Black was amazing. It had no story but it was really fun

A Timesplitters remake would be cool or better yet make a new timesplitters' game

Istanbull2333d ago

It probably is the best FPS game of the decade alongside CoD1,4 and the Timesplitter games.

Everybody wants:
MGS HD trilogy
DMC trilogy

After I've seen GoW and PoP trilogies in HD on PS3, I'm hoping that all of the PS2's library to become HD lol!

Rah5er02333d ago 2; Metal Gear all the way!!

jessupj2333d ago

All I want is metal gear remakes with trophies.

Kran2333d ago

OI! Where the hell is ratchet and clank?!

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