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I (Philip Boosey)have been a fan of the Call of Duty franchise since its inception. Heck I was a fan of the makers of these games back when they were with “2015 Games” making the Medal of Honor series. All of that being said, here we are waiting for the release of Modern Warfare 3 and I can’t help but not really care.

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Shackdaddy8362549d ago

Agreed. Every single bit of news/rumor that comes out for it makes me less and less excited for it.

Yi-Long2549d ago

... which means that even if they happen to make a good and original game that raises the bar, which hasn't happend since CoD4, they'll rape your wallet through DLC-milking the hell out of it... so I won't be buying it anyway.

It will be Battlefield 3 all the way this fall!

Joule2548d ago

Watch Battlefield flop. All this hype and barely anything has been shown

MaxXAttaxX2548d ago

...will be the same as before.

Sillyace922548d ago

yeah and they haven't even shown any console gameplay yet. It makes you wonder how well it's actually going for them.

movements2548d ago

Because you're a Battlefield 3 fanboy.

Shackdaddy8362548d ago

I actually own every single CoD game (except black ops). Even the off titles such as big red one and finest hour. So no, I'm not a BF fanboy.

I will admit I have all BF games too though.

insomnium22549d ago (Edited 2549d ago )

COD4:MW was one of the best games there ever was for me. I was addicted to it for months. The quality has gone downhill with every new title after that in this series. I enjoyed MW2's single player and the special missions were a great addition. I didn't however like the multiplayer in that. Blops is jus BS. It's fun with friends for a while but there is nothing to get excited about it. The maps aren't that great. Just bring back COD4:MW and wipe out all the effing hackers from there and let's play that game all over again.

Nowadays Battlefield:bad company wins over COD easily.

Dart892549d ago

I agree man i can go right now and pop in COD4 and play it for hours with out getting bored i've tried the newer ones i was bored within 30 min especially black ops.

Warprincess1162548d ago

Hmm. that weird. In all your post, you complain about COD being the same game every year so how are you getting bored with the newer titles. It not making sense. Stop trolling because you are bad at it.

KILLERAPP2549d ago

I haven't been exited for a COD game since COD 4....

SixShotCop2547d ago

I find it hard to understand why anybody would waste their time writing what you wrote. You must've been bored outta your tree this weekend dude. You haven't enjoyed a COD game in the last 4 years? WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE THEN? Lmao.

MW3 is gonna kick ass and all of you know it. Will it be better then B3? Don't matter. I'm getting both.

SixShotCop2547d ago

lmao.. no kidding buddy. when did i say gaming evolved around COD?

KILLERAPP2547d ago

I been playing other games the gaming industry is not just COD….

xYLeinen2549d ago

We get these articles about every new CoD game.

We talk about the CoD games not being innovative for each new iteration, maybe time to have a chat about innovation of gaming jurnalism regarding CoD franchise?

bwazy2549d ago (Edited 2549d ago )

You care enough to write an opinion piece about it :|

NLGSean2548d ago

Easy hits... "Let me blab about a game that a ton of people hate yet it will still sell millions"...

retrofly2547d ago

Yeah, is this a new thing journalists do, write a piece about every game they are not exceited for?

Thats a long list of useless publications.

For COD hater hits only. Bandwagon, choo choo!

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