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Gamer Gaia Editor Eric Pederson spent the day chronically the best Phoenix Comicon cosplay artists and compiling them into one easy to read article. He writes,

I for one have never really understood the whole cosplay culture and the intrigue behind it. However, after spending four days completely immersed in their world, I can confidently say that I am beginning to understand. Some of the costumes that I say at the Phoenix Comic went beyond merely "dressing up". For the time being, these people actually became the characters they were portraying and very rarely did I see anyone break character. Cosplay is a very real and very alive culture.

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flipmop442676d ago

Where's mario when u need him!

frozzenfire2676d ago

OH.MY.GOD. That Lilu is awesome!

Laxman2162676d ago

Haha, I agree. The costume is of the utmost quality. The stitching is nigh on perfect and the colour blends well with... I mean, yeah shes hot!

DrRichtofen2676d ago

WHAT! There was a comicon in Phoenix? F*#K!! I wish i would have known, I would have gone to check it out. OHH and Vic was there? way to rub sallt in my wounds.

flipmop442676d ago

Don't worry it happens to the best of us

Laxman2162676d ago

There's always a good laugh to be had with CosPlay.

GearedForGamers2676d ago

Some awesome stuff no doubt.