GTA San Andreas Recreated With GTA IV Tech

Ever wondered what roaming the vast landscapes of Los Santos, San Fierro or even Las Venturas would feel like in GTAIV’s RAGE engine? Wonder no longer.

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CrzyFooL2189d ago

Only thing I would want more is Vice City.

Batmau52189d ago

It will be interesting to see if this is a campaign recreation, or purely just the map to play around on. I'm betting the latter. However I'm not moaning, love me some damn Los Santos son!

reynod2189d ago

It only does everything :P including free HD remakes. Time to pick up GTA San Andreas on Steam.

Catatafish2189d ago

What GTAIV should have been?

Spitfire_Riggz2189d ago

"Jack blasted crap! You doing this to me? Who do you think you are you piece of blasted shit! Screw you! GRRRRR. What? Its my favorite El-Burro movie, it died!"

Thats how much I loved that game.

PainisCupcake2189d ago

@Spitfire_Riggz erm no mate hes saying "Eject plastic crap! You doing this to me? Who do you think you are you piece of plastic shit!" Plastic lol

X-Zone2189d ago

They already did Vice City with the Rage engine, search on youtube.

nano882188d ago

hell yeah vice city was the shit

phinch2188d ago

really? only if it comes with a much bigger map, that one was tiny

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lil Titan2189d ago

now that would take 6 disc on 360 lol it was a joke but i know the disagree fairy's dont have a sense of humor so bring it on

Yi-Long2189d ago (Edited 2189d ago )

... us disagree fairy's DO have a sense of humour, dammit!


lil Titan2188d ago

YES i lured one out, now i need to find the fairy queen lol

showtimefolks2189d ago

GTA....3,vc and sa plsu we should get psp gta games in HD too

jak in HD all 4 games from ps2 which ND made
ratchet all 4 games from ps2 in HD
MGS 1-3 in hd with twin snakes included for extra charge or bonus

kingdom hearts 1-2
zone of enders 1-2

and many more

here is something sony/ms/nintendo and 3rd party devs/publishers

if its a single game like godhand use psn/xblive and whatever nintendo will offer as online service

and is there are sequel than use DD plus release on disk

indigo prophecy in HD with updated controls

outrun in HD would be classic

please add to this list on which remakes you would like to see.(to those saying they want new games get with the program we will see HD remakes deal with it....not everyone last gen could afford to play all those games on ps2)

CrazyRap2188d ago

I would love to see GTA 3, Vice city and Sanandreas HD in one blu-ray

gemc6662188d ago

call me stupid but..................i would love to see a crash bandicoot game in HD

young juice2188d ago


but i would love a sequal even more

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jaredhart2189d ago

Wow! F'ing awesome!!

Oooooh Yeeeaaah!

goaliegonzalez282189d ago

san andreas is my favorite gta

Hitman07692189d ago

Okay then let's get to bustin some heads!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kon2189d ago

How did they did this? I mean, from a technical point of view, this must be very hard to do, no? Impressive work

Wenis2189d ago

They probably just imported all the textures/models to the RAGE engine. I know people have been trying to do this for a very long time so it looks like they've finally found out.

steve30x2189d ago

Just importing the textures wont make it look better. They would have to redo all the textures to make them look that good. Also the San Andreas map was bigger than the GTA IV map.