PlayStation Vita Is An Official Sony Registered Name

Dual Pixels - PlayStation Vita; Vita meaning life in Italian. The name is very interesting considering Sony seems to not want to use PSP for reasons I see involving pop culture and the lagging of the PSP brand in comparison to Nintendo DS systems. There's been rumors going around suggesting that PSP2, or NGP's retail name is PlayStation Vita. There is significant domain filings from the past that prove this is a legitimate PlayStation name.

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FanOfGaming2676d ago

I actually like the name Vita, and I'm sure it has some letter for letter meaning like BRAVIA (HDTVs)

Jack-H2676d ago

Hmm.. I agree. I like it more than psp2 that's for sure. If this is the actual name I think it's a smart move by sony.

M-Easy2676d ago

It sounds like a food. Like some meat and sauce wrapped in a sort of "fluffy" bread.

Ah great now i'm hungry.

Jack-H2676d ago (Edited 2676d ago )

@M-Easy Yeah it does. lol as I was reading that I was thinking that sounded really tasty.

a08andan2676d ago

I wouldn't be surprised if Vita is the name of the social platform for the NGP. Like Home is on ps3. Maybe not exactly like that, but still a social platform. Then "Vita" makes a lot more sense :)

captain-obvious2676d ago

why not just call it PSP2
like WTF ?

vickers5002675d ago

Vita sounds a hell of a lot better than NGP.

NGP just sounds completely terrible when said out loud and just seems like some crappy random mix of letters. Besides, no console (handheld or otherwise) has any business putting "next-gen" in the title. That's just dumb.

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egidem2676d ago


PlayStation Life....hmm

miyamoto2676d ago (Edited 2676d ago )

PlayStation 4 Life? :)

PSV = PlayStation V = as in five

makes more sense as its going to be Sony fifth PlayStation console.

this rumors are driving me nuts!

Speaking of nuts, Vita really sounds like a food product, sigh.....

PSD = PlayStation Droid

PSA = PlayStation Android

sounds better since its using an custom Android OS

egidem2676d ago

I don't know...Vita sounds a bit...tacky to me. Maybe it's because when I read the words PS Vita my eyes rearrange the letters to form the word "Vista", Microsoft's Operating System famous for so much fail.

I guess we have to account for one thing: the direction in which Sony was/is taking the NGP is a unique one. I think that they wanted to introduce the NGP not only as a successor to the PSP platform, but also to bring it up as a new platform of its own and add it to the rest of the family. I think this is why they chose a new name Vita instead of an obvious iteration such as PlayStation Portable 2.

Also judging from the serious amount of connectivity options that the NGP...sorry, the PSV has, I'd understand why they chose the word "Life".

egidem2676d ago

Ah, but you find it funny :)

I just had to say it. :)

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colonel1792676d ago

I also like the name Vita, but I do not like that logo AT ALL!

KingZFlipper2676d ago

I personally think the name isn't that great. PSP2 would've been easier and simpler, but... What can you do? It doesn't still change the quality of the product.

TBM2676d ago

Like I told my friend yesterday when u ppl become CEO of a multi billion $$$ corp you can name these systems anything you want; until then quit your gripping and deal with the new name.

This is nowhere near as worst then the (Wii) is, and don't like this name will prevent you from buying it. If it does then no one should've bought the Wii.

Foxgod2676d ago

Maybe Vita is actually a new line of tv's?

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Jestrella242676d ago

yeah i wonder what the meaning is aswell

winlonghorn2676d ago

lol! now that is funny! :D

lazertroy2676d ago (Edited 2676d ago )

livin lavita loca in my sisqo voice

EDI2676d ago

I literally Lol'd ^

winlonghorn2676d ago

I was just thinking the same thing. lol.

EeJLP-2676d ago

You kids are ridiculous loling at the dumbest comments.

And lazertroy.. What does Sisqo have to do with Vita beyond you thinking he sang Livin' La Vida Loca?

Max_Dissatisfaction2676d ago

It's a quote from the Thong Song you genius

EeJLP-2676d ago

Yea.. now that you said that I remember..

"Livin' la vida loca... she had dumps like a truck.. truck, truck; thighs like what.. what, what. All night long."

It's been like 15 years, my bad lazertroy.

My point still stands on all the LOLing.. just hit Agree and/or +Funny. No need to comment "I just LOLed".. "Me too. I LOLed too."

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