5 Over-hyped Games (That Totally Failed)

Hype works both ways when promoting a work of art. It could generate enough buzz to drive sales or it could be like shooting your self in the foot. The following are five examples of games that were over hyped but failed to live up to the expectation of gamers and critics.

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Quagmire2608d ago

What, no mention of Haze? Too Human?

Silly gameAr2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

No, he took it back with his choices. This guy might actually be a gamer.

rabidpancakeburglar2608d ago

I liked enter the matrix and rising sun, but I was like 11 when they came out so maybe I just didn't notice how bad they were

iamnsuperman2608d ago

I liked enter the matrix too. Quite fun.