Soundtrack Spotlight: Portal 2

CFD!'s Nate Andrews returns with another edition of Soundtrack Spotlight:

"(Soundtrack Spotlight is a mandatory CFD! feature devoted to progressing science through VGM. Every week we expose you to nonlethal levels of recorded audio, inform you of inadequacies in your sound-knowledge database, and termina... surround you with a thick blanket of auditory bliss. Testing begins now.)

"The disarray and general dilapidation of the Aperture Science Enrichment Center make it an ideal location not only for an afternoon of portalin’, but also for the basis for this sequel’s stellar soundtrack.

"Since Portal 2 is essentially just a linear accumulation of scientific endeavors, my expectations for its music consisted mostly of it being “appropriately science-y”, maybe with something poignant and clever over the credits. Not surprisingly, the game is awash in the kind of understated electronic melodies and dribbling modulation that complement the tone of its story and environment so well, and the ending song is achingly perfect. Give it a listen, for science!"

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Ndigity2550d ago

Bridge Intro's where it's at.