Soil Your Pants For Charity With An Amnesia Marathon

CFD!'s Nate Andrews writes:

"If you’re a horror game lightweight, such as myself, and haven’t found a proper, non-threatening opportunity to experience Amnesia: The Dark Descent, then Scare to Care has you and your dignity covered.

"May 28th and 29th, Vernon Shaw and his brother Tim plan to take turns playing the game on a live internet stream; while one plays, the other will try to “scare him in the most nefarious ways imaginable.” Additionally, each brother has pledged to donate $.25 for every time he accidentally swears on camera, which, in all likelihood, should be often. Afterwards, the scariest and most hilarious moments will be uploaded to YouTube."

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CommonSense2673d ago

agreed, it's just cheap publicity. and doesn't sound interesting at all.

i'd rather just donate the 3.75 they'll put in the swear jar.

Solid_Snake-2672d ago

lol love the title. ive already soiled myself enough playing that game thanks. dont make me do it again.

RobsteinOne2673d ago

Dammit Free Time, I need more of you! I STILL haven't played much of Amnesia.

Ndigity2673d ago

...And I've played none.

ShadowPraxis2673d ago

Same. It's sitting on my Steam account though... waiting for that replacement video card to come in.


Jack-H2673d ago

Had me at "Soil Your Pants".

Silly gameAr2673d ago

I've tuned in a couple of times today. Pretty cool guys.

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