Battlefield 3 - EA PWNED Analysis

At ease, soldiers. Today is a special day, as we’ll be looking at a very special episode of EA’s PWNED, dedicated to the next big thing in the FPS genre.

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Starts off as you’d expect, with a summary of what’s to see, but a minute or so into the video one of the presenters takes a rather amusing stab at Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

The first part of this episode covers the technology that lies beneath Frostbite 2’s bonnet. First thing covered is the ANT animation system which gives Battlefield 3 the edge over competitors by having smooth, realistic animations.

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LezzSamurai2245d ago

i know what it is duh its the most hyped overrated trash ive ever played CoD4 over any CoD n Battlefield over the whole franchise

BeastlyRig2246d ago (Edited 2246d ago )

It's a popular rehash..

negroguy2247d ago

"What wall?" so true and thats why I love the destruction. You can hide behind a wall all you'd like just expect to be blown up with the wall.

LezzSamurai2245d ago

i love that quote every time i hear it CoD "There is a guy behind that wall!" BF "What wall?" lolz

hamburger1232247d ago

Finally a solution to campers :P

DoomeDx2245d ago

There already was in BC1 & BC2

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The story is too old to be commented.