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Battlefield 3 - EA PWNED Analysis

At ease, soldiers. Today is a special day, as we’ll be looking at a very special episode of EA’s PWNED, dedicated to the next big thing in the FPS genre.

Visit GamerSpawn for the video analysis.

Starts off as you’d expect, with a summary of what’s to see, but a minute or so into the video one of the presenters takes a rather amusing stab at Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

The first part of this episode covers the technology that lies beneath Frostbite 2’s bonnet. First thing covered is the ANT animation system which gives Battlefield 3 the edge over competitors by having smooth, realistic animations. (Battlefield 3, Dev, Dice, PC, PS3, Tech, Xbox 360)

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hiredhelp  +   1521d ago
AKissFromDaddy  +   1521d ago
Me too.
femshep  +   1520d ago
me 3
jocomat9  +   1515d ago
me too
Hanif-876  +   1520d ago
Most anticipated game of 2011!
LezzSamurai  +   1520d ago
Whats Call of Duty?
Max_Dissatisfaction  +   1520d ago
Most popular game on PS3
LezzSamurai  +   1518d ago
i know what it is duh its the most hyped overrated trash ive ever played CoD4 over any CoD n Battlefield over the whole franchise
BeastlyRig  +   1520d ago
It's a popular rehash..
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negroguy  +   1520d ago
"What wall?" so true and thats why I love the destruction. You can hide behind a wall all you'd like just expect to be blown up with the wall.
LezzSamurai  +   1518d ago
i love that quote every time i hear it CoD "There is a guy behind that wall!" BF "What wall?" lolz
hamburger123  +   1520d ago
Finally a solution to campers :P
DoomeDx  +   1518d ago
There already was in BC1 & BC2
artdafoo  +   1520d ago
MW3 Pwned !
EZMickey  +   1520d ago
You know, the majority of people taking stabs at Call of Duty have probably played CoD just as much as the rest of us.

These people can't decide on their own identity so they just follow the tide of popularity whichever way it flows.
chak_  +   1520d ago
500H of BC2 and counting.

(plus loads of BF2)

So yeah, go BF3 \o/

edit : and 50H of black ops before being bored hehe
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MARKUS_MAX1MUS  +   1520d ago
I agree, to dislike COD now has just become a fad.

I garuntee if you ask one person to put up an argument of why COD is bad they will just ramble off that its for 12 year olds instead of forming legitimate problems with its gameplay.

And im no COD fan, hated it ever since the first.
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RBLAZE1988  +   1520d ago
network code is terrible...guns have no recoil, smg's have the distance of assault rifles in black ops...engine is outdated, Spawn system is messed up and they spawn you behind the guy that just killed you so you can easily kill him in free for all. Spawning on top of killstreaks, extreme aim assist and bullet magnet effect, magic bullet effect (lag)...I can go on and on buddy so what do you have to say to that now?
Jack-H  +   1520d ago
mmmmmmmm.... I'm so looking forward to this game.


This is going to be my first "real" BF. Only played BC2!
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Hanif-876  +   1520d ago
Same here... i've never played another Battlefield game apart from Bad Company 2. However with that said BF:BC2 is currently my favorite shooter and i can't wait for Battlefield 3 :-)
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GodSquad  +   1520d ago
It looks seriously good. I wonder if my Radeon 5870 will handle this adequately.
Catatafish  +   1520d ago
Max in 1080 with no AA 20-40fps
Very High in 1080 with no AA 30-50fps

Depending on CPU and RAM.

I am aiming at 60+fps with max setting and 4-8 times AA in 1080 with my Direct CU II 6970. Maybe better if I tune it all right.
Moragami  +   1515d ago
Yup, that card will be fine. If you've got a quad core CPU, you're golden.
MARKUS_MAX1MUS  +   1520d ago
I wouldnt worry about graphics cards, Id worry about processors :/

Im wondering if this will be another Crysis were we will have to wait for the appropriatte tech to come out to run it at max or if it will be well optimised.
LightofDarkness  +   1520d ago
All demos thus far have been run on a single GTX 580/i7 combo.
Catatafish  +   1520d ago
My 6 core 1100T running at 4.1Ghz with 16 gig of DDR3 ram running currently at 1800Mhz (7-8-7-24) is going to eat this for breakfast working with my new 6970
GrumpyVeteran  +   1520d ago
Token girl reading off a script right here.
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B-radical  +   1520d ago
Hells yeah!!!!!!!!!!!
GodSquad  +   1520d ago
I am running the I7 860, 2,8 ghz. Very good when i got it, but now i have my doubts.
On a side note, Arma 3 looks more like my thing.

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