GotGame: My Love Affair With PC Gaming

Vicky writes "Let me start off by clarifying that I do not love my PC at the expense of my consoles. I “heart” my Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 just as much, and I am aware of the the argument on both sides of the PC versus Console argument. This is not a rant, I will not sing the praises of the PC at the expense of the Console, this is simply a look at what makes the PC special to me."

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ATiElite2607d ago (Edited 2607d ago )

PC Gaming is more than just playing some games on a PC instead of a console, it's more than just using a KB/M instead of a controller, and it's more than just superior graphics.

PC Gaming is gaming how we wanna game and also it co-exist with our passion and hobby for building our very own PC's. I remember the happiness I felt waking up Christmas morning to my very first console but it doesn't compare to the feelings of pride and accomplishment I felt the very first time I hit power on my first PC get the beep and Bios pops up and all I could think was....

It's alive! My Baby is alive!

(ten minutes later)
ordering a heat sink so I can over clock the CPU higher. added more lights than a Christmas tree. had no clue what Raid O did but it sounded so cool and technical that i had to have it. lol those were the days.

zootang2607d ago (Edited 2607d ago )

The only problem I have is games like Red Dead Redemption and LA Noire are not available for the PC. The biggest games get no kind of release date.

NYC_Gamer2607d ago

that is why its nice to have a console on the side

fluffydelusions2607d ago

You can say the same about any system. 360 will never get uncharted, kz, god of war while ps3 will never get gears, halo, forza etc


Yeah, but I don't miss em. I hav a PS3 on the side I never use except for playing NBA 2K11 w/ a buddy. CAn't stand PS3 gfx and controls for FPS.

Newtype2607d ago

Heatsink? WTF? You mean Waterblock and tubing.

DistrictMime2606d ago

This is exactly why I built my PC. The accomplishment of that is the best feeling in the world especially when people ask you...did you built it yourself and you reply with a simple yes....yes I did then walk off into the sunset with sunglasses on.

ATiElite2606d ago

yeh your right that's the best part when someone looks at your PC and says "Whoa so cool, you built that"? OMG how sweat!

then I hear my next favorite phrase

"can you build me one".....Well YES....$ CHA-CHING $!

NYC_Gamer2607d ago

i like being able to have control/build my own machine