Saturday Night Stream: Mortal Kombat

TGH Writes: "It's Saturday and theres usually nothing to do right? Well if you are stuck at home and have nothing better to do than we at TheGamersHub would like to offer you, for your viewing pleasure a Live Stream! This week we are streaming Mortal Kombat on Playstation 3."

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ShadyDevil2674d ago

Game is amazing. Love it. So much fun.

LOGICWINS2674d ago

Coincidentally, I was planning I buying this 2morrow. Gunna try to get Bestbuy to match Amazon's price.

ShadyDevil2674d ago

Good chance to check out the game before you buy

lpfisher2674d ago

Good luck with that. Seriously, I wish you the best of luck. The game's amazing

LOGICWINS2674d ago (Edited 2674d ago )

Eh, I saw the stream but I quickly took it off once I realized it was the last fight in the story mode.

I wanna be surprised when I play it.

EDIT: I could be wrong. I'm assuming the fight with Raiden and Shao Khan is the last boss battle.

lpfisher2674d ago

@logic It isn't anymore. We're playing king of the hill online. But you're right, that was the last fight.

LOGICWINS2674d ago

^^Oh okay, I'll put it back on again :)

bruddahmanmatt2674d ago

I watched three fights. Sektor vs. Kratos, Baraka vs. Smoke and Kabal vs. Jade. You guys all suck.

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ShadyDevil2674d ago

it was the final fight but now we are playing with staff members.

lpfisher2674d ago

Waiting in line for my turn :D

AdrianHD2674d ago

Always a good night with Mortal Kombat!

Fullmetalevolust2674d ago

It is always a good night with Mortal Kombat, unless you are the end of the challenge tower and MILEENA is PISSING you OFF like no tomorrow. I seriously wanna strangle her with her stupid bandages. The only moment I'd "dance" with her is on her grave!!

iamgoatman2673d ago

Just lose 10 straight matches, make sure you hit retry AFTER you've lost and not to pause then retry, then on the 11th try the AI becomes a lot easier and you regenerate health between fights.

Fullmetalevolust2673d ago

Oh thanks man, I'll try that. :)