Random 10: Wii Periperals (The Oh Gawd Why Edition)

Post reads: "Infesting our living rooms and collecting ungodly amounts of dust, Wii's have infiltrated our wallets, played with our minds, and toyed with our emotions. To add fuel to the eventual Wii bonfire, outrageous amounts of wasted plastic peripherals clutter our closets, all made for the Wii. Beyond plastic bats and rackets, guns, and bazookas, crazy people have given birth to some of the weirdest (and just plain silly) things ever."

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GusBricker2673d ago (Edited 2673d ago )

...I need a periperal that keep the dust off my Wii.


jacksonmichael2672d ago

And yet, no N64 controller... Thank god for sketchy people on ebay.