Gamersriot: Resistance 3 Preview: Gameplay, Mechanics, and Multiplayer

With the release date set to be September 6, Resistance 3 has had its fair share of teasers and gameplay “leaks.” However, the information and marketing for R3 has been nowhere near the level of Activision activity surrounding their later, November 8th, release of Modern Warfare 3. So, this has gamers wondering, what is R3 really going to be about? What is this game going to bring, both to the genre and its particular series, that will be worthy of grasping their interest along with the contents of their wallet?

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Dart892639d ago

I can't wait for this game so many good game's so little time.

Chug2639d ago

...So many memories playin Somerset CTF.

KingDustero2639d ago

Whoever wrote the article doesn't know that the plot of R3 is. It is NOT about trying to take out the Chimera. It is about Capelli trying to get medicine to help his ill kid.

It really does bug me when people write about something when they have no clue what they're talking about.

JohnnyWayne_2638d ago

Thanks for your feedback; I am the author of the article. And while appreciate your criticism simply because it shows that you read my article in its entirety, nowhere did I dictate that the game was completely centered around "trying to take out the Chimera." The article is a preview providing preliminary information about the game so that those who have not been able to research the title could glean some information about its upcoming release. I do, however, understand where you are coming from in your argument and I'm glad you're a fan of the series.

Nevertheless, if these types of articles "really do bug you" in such a terrible way, please feel free to reply with a list of links where I can find the articles you have written and had published so that I can get a better idea of how articles of this nature "should" be written…


Tachyon_Nova2639d ago

It's a little sad that Sony doesn't seem to realise the potential Resistance's mutliplayer has. It has all the ingredients that makes Halo so succesful, if Sony gave it a huge marketing push I have no doubt it would sell 5 million or more.

user83971442639d ago

I found the original Resistance better than any other Halo out. I loved the human vs chimera matches with their advantages and disadvantages. It was a great game and it still is.To me Halo is pretty boring but Resistance was fun with all them crazy weapons. Too bad everybody plays call of duty now.

Kon2639d ago


Human vs Aliens too

The hell you talking 'bout?

I respect your opinion, but Halo is the shooter that has more content than any other console shooter imho (forge, for example). It is hard to get boring.

Resistance 1 was a blast, 2 was good, but not too good, and hopefully R3 will surpass the first. And yes, i played all of em.

KratosTheGoW2639d ago (Edited 2639d ago )

What he is talking about was that the chimera could see through walls while in rage mode but they overheat and the health reduces. Humans could run without problems and had the radar to see enemies on the map. Halo don't have that.

Jac5al2639d ago

I agree. R3's Multiplayer looks like it's going to be huge this time around. The exta year of development time has really benifited the game. Don't sleep on R3 people!

user83971442639d ago

Hopefully it will be better this time. My friends from the original Resistance are waiting for this game, shame that all they do is call of duty

aznrunner18812639d ago

See, the phrase "Raised the bar" would've worked for this article. Not for the GoW3 one...

Ducky2639d ago

So resistance 3 raises the bar for visuals on the 360? O.o

aznrunner18812639d ago (Edited 2639d ago )


xabmol2639d ago

But God of War 3 did raise the bar...


BenEViolent2639d ago

You guys do understand that all that GoW3 article did is name it that to get more views and comments.

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