Sturmwind, A NEW Dreamcast Title is ready for Preorders?

You read it right, Dreamcast still has at least one more release left in it! Sturmwind is being developed by redspotgames has begun taking preorders for Sturmwind, an arcade style shooter that actually seems to boast rather impressive graphics for an extremely outdated hardware release.

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fluffydelusions2677d ago (Edited 2677d ago )

I don't understand the point in this. Bragging rights? The Lulz? Just make it a XBL/PSN title and make more profit.

agentxk2677d ago

True, it probably is. Could also be trying to prove that the system was capable of doing more? Dunno, either way I think I will check it out!

ChronoJoe2677d ago

Free SDK, I think. Good console to practice on. To publish on PSN you need to make a sizable expense on the SDK, right? Not sure on live.

Either way, my impression is that the dreamcast is a console which is entirely free to develop for, and easy to self-publish on. So it's a good trial for the developer.

blitz0x2677d ago

Well, I certainly didn't expect to hear about a new Dreamcast title today. lol.

agentxk2677d ago

2 words man, VMU support!

nightfallinicedearth2677d ago

I doubt I'd bring out my Dreamcast just to play this game.

Kon2677d ago

Just release it on XBLA/PSN/Steam. There is no point in releasing it for the DC.

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The story is too old to be commented.