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Dart892609d ago

People are saying that it's going to be a paid subscription on the side with dedi servers and all kind's of other stuff.

gamingdroid2609d ago

What is Elite anyhow?

I don't think I have heard of it....

Anyhow, if it is some sort of add-on who cares if it is paid or not. Subscribe/Buy if you want or not.

Catatafish2609d ago

I laugh if this is real and I laugh again at anyone that goes along for the ride.

Welshy2608d ago

playing COD is bad enough, but PAYING for it??

Gamer_Z2609d ago

So it begins... Will people pay to play?

Kon2609d ago

If they pay to play WoW i don't see why they won't.

Jezuz2609d ago

WoW is an MMORPG. COD is an FPS. I don't think it would suite.

evrfighter12609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

LOL really kon?

cod offers the same amount of content, updates, and scale as WoW?

cod entertaining, anything to justify Kotick violating them from the rear.

Catatafish2609d ago

One problem is that kids don't pay to play WoW, Adults do... I don't know how hitting on mom every month for more money to play a game she just bought you will go and then there is the 2 DLC packs as well.

Beahmscream2609d ago

@Gamer, yes. The Sheeple will

Soldierone2609d ago

So the deciding factor on rather or not COD will die will be coming out shortly. The idea to pay to play is just stupid.

Jack-H2609d ago

Yep, I completely agree. Not a "COD hater" or anything. But, this definitely makes the decision easier for me personally.

Statix2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

If pay-to-play is so far-fetched and stupid, then millions of Xbox Live and WoW/MMO subscribers are short a chromosome or two.

S_C2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

You Still Dont Get It With Xbox Live , yes you pay to play online but u also get features like sky player : watch sky sport live etc for free where as if you bought a mutliroom box it would cost you £10 a month which is 120 quid a year so my live subscriptions more than covers that just on its own without all the other things it provides.

On topic would i buy COD without pay to play yes......would i buy COD with pay to play - NO! (if they did this they will shoot themselves and the cod series in the foot striaght away) everybody will just flock to BF3 and EA will be straight on the advertisment bandwagon promoting their free online game.

If they implement this feature say goodbye to COD

superrey192608d ago


The difference is that MMOs are continuously updated with new content and quests. What can they add to cod that that would keep the aforementioned model AND not step on DLC packs' toes?

As for xbox live, well, I'm not gonna comment on that since I don't use it.

DarkFantasy2609d ago

I'm not paying to play cod,i think the game is kinda fun but it's not worth a subscription.idk this doesn't sound good what ever it is,i was going to get mw3 but if there's a paid subscription even if its optional I'm not getting it.

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The story is too old to be commented.