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Call of Duty Elite to be Integrated with Modern Warfare 3

According to this post by fourzerotwo, Call of Duty Elite will have some sort of integration with Modern Warfare 3. (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, PC, PS3, Tag Invalid, Xbox 360)

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Dart89  +   1556d ago
People are saying that it's going to be a paid subscription on the side with dedi servers and all kind's of other stuff.
gamingdroid  +   1556d ago
What is Elite anyhow?

I don't think I have heard of it....

Anyhow, if it is some sort of add-on who cares if it is paid or not. Subscribe/Buy if you want or not.
Catatafish  +   1555d ago
I laugh if this is real and I laugh again at anyone that goes along for the ride.
Welshy  +   1555d ago
playing COD is bad enough, but PAYING for it??

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phoenixdown  +   1556d ago
oh boy
here comes the mmo bull.
BeastlyRig  +   1556d ago
pay up son!
Gamer_Z  +   1556d ago
So it begins... Will people pay to play?
Kon  +   1556d ago
If they pay to play WoW i don't see why they won't.
Jezuz  +   1556d ago
WoW is an MMORPG. COD is an FPS. I don't think it would suite.
evrfighter1  +   1556d ago
LOL really kon?

cod offers the same amount of content, updates, and scale as WoW?

cod kids...so entertaining, anything to justify Kotick violating them from the rear.
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Catatafish  +   1555d ago
One problem is that kids don't pay to play WoW, Adults do... I don't know how hitting on mom every month for more money to play a game she just bought you will go and then there is the 2 DLC packs as well.
Beahmscream  +   1555d ago
@Gamer, yes. The Sheeple will
Soldierone  +   1556d ago
So the deciding factor on rather or not COD will die will be coming out shortly. The idea to pay to play is just stupid.
Jack-H  +   1556d ago
Yep, I completely agree. Not a "COD hater" or anything. But, this definitely makes the decision easier for me personally.
Statix  +   1555d ago
If pay-to-play is so far-fetched and stupid, then millions of Xbox Live and WoW/MMO subscribers are short a chromosome or two.
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S_C  +   1555d ago
You Still Dont Get It With Xbox Live , yes you pay to play online but u also get features like sky player : watch sky sport live etc for free where as if you bought a mutliroom box it would cost you £10 a month which is 120 quid a year so my live subscriptions more than covers that just on its own without all the other things it provides.

On topic would i buy COD without pay to play yes......would i buy COD with pay to play - NO! (if they did this they will shoot themselves and the cod series in the foot striaght away) everybody will just flock to BF3 and EA will be straight on the advertisment bandwagon promoting their free online game.

If they implement this feature say goodbye to COD
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superrey19  +   1555d ago

The difference is that MMOs are continuously updated with new content and quests. What can they add to cod that that would keep the aforementioned model AND not step on DLC packs' toes?

As for xbox live, well, I'm not gonna comment on that since I don't use it.
DarkFantasy  +   1555d ago
I'm not paying to play cod,i think the game is kinda fun but it's not worth a subscription.idk this doesn't sound good what ever it is,i was going to get mw3 but if there's a paid subscription even if its optional I'm not getting it.
davidmccue  +   1556d ago
Activison 'Nice credit card you have there, mind if we have your number' unsuspecting customer 'Why? whats in it for me' Activison 'Well there's extra stuff on the cd you brought, but we need extra £££ before you can use it, we only earn billions each year, so this year we are trying our luck to see how far we can push it' unsuspecting customer 'what about the DLC's dont you get enough money from that alone' Activison 'Shhhh thats our little secret, its like selling a cod game for £100 a time, we own the number one game in the world, we can do what we want and they will follow' suspecting customer 'fuck you activison Battlefield 3 looks way better and they put the time in 2 make a decent game engine'
tunytung  +   1556d ago
There is always hater on COD article.
if you hate the game, ignore the article.
why click the article?
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davidmccue  +   1556d ago
i like cod i just dont like what it is becoming.
tunytung  +   1556d ago
but the game is not out yet.
BF3 may be sucks. (on console version)
MW3 may be great. (without infinityward key staffs)
don't know

i don't understand why haters and BF3fanboy click this article.
you sick of it because be owned everytime?

1m people play this game, everyday.
if u hate this game, just ignore it.
more hate, more CA$H to activi$ion.
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DarkFantasy  +   1555d ago
"BF3 may be sucks. (on console version)"

were the hell did you get that from? keep the bullshit in your ass.I can't even understand you f**king 12 year olds.


"you sick of it because be owned everytime?"

wtf is that,damn!

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S_C  +   1555d ago

Its not that everyone hates COD (i enjoy it) its just that everyone hates bobby kotick (including me), he thinks hes bigger than the gaming industry and once someone starts thinking that theres only one way to go and that downhill
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Resistance_lord  +   1555d ago
Yet You still buy the games knowing what it would become one day fueling his goals? :(
S_C  +   1555d ago
i bought the games because i liked them, soon as they do something to the online that i dont like e.g pay to play i wont be buying it because its somthing im not willing to do. If they have any common sense they wont implement it.....end of.

The outcomes are night and day:
They keep free to play online - MW3 will probs be the best selling cod game to date

The make it pay to play - GOODBYE COD!
BattleAxe  +   1556d ago
I'm interested in MW3, but I won't be buying into this paid subscription bull crap.
Shackdaddy836  +   1555d ago
I bet Elite is some kinda paid subscription where they give you op'd weapons and attachments. If so then I won't even buy CoD to play with my friends.
Zonsenzo  +   1555d ago
so if it ends up being a pay for play system, and I'm already paying for xbox live (I'm not complaining about paying for it), I would have to pay extra $ for playing MW3 online? more or less what happened with phantasy star in the 360? if that's the case I won't bother with this game (at least the multiplayer, which means $60 are not worth the good but extremely short single player campaign the game will offer), seriously activision is just destroying their franchises...
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lochdoun  +   1555d ago
Some people will buy it.
Other people will see their friends playing it and want to buy it.
The cycle continues...
TronEOL  +   1555d ago
If this limits what you can earn in the normal game, MW3 won't enter my PS3. I do not want to see 30 or so weapons in the normal Multiplayer portion, then have another 30 for Elite-only subscribers. That'd be complete bullshit as we all know Elite and MW3 will be launched at the same time.

If the work is done, put every piece of data/code on the disc. Especially when we're paying 50-60 dollars for the game. If that "Elite"-thing is the road they take, make Call of Duty cost half the price of a full game, or be completely free.

If this happens, I can see Call of Duty falling in the next 1-2 years.
ATiElite  +   1555d ago
MW3 Elite?
COD Modern Warfare and Elite do not belong in the same sentence.

Seems like Tax-ivision is rolling out their pay 2 play service. Well gonna sit back and see how this goes. Don't have enough info to cheer or bash so I'll just have to wait.
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ninjagoat  +   1555d ago
Was Elite not the name for the free to play cod online?
outlawlife  +   1555d ago
all I know is whoever designed the logo should be fired, that is some mega weak design work. I could make a better one in a few minutes
Dlacy13g  +   1555d ago
Speculate..... that's all that all the comments here are doing. Nothing is truly known about Elite other than more info is coming. One twitter and people turn it into something and make it fact? LOL... gotta love N4G
Droid Control  +   1555d ago
Get ready to start paying monthly subscriptions CODboz
omi25p  +   1555d ago
So twitter is a reliable source now. Interesting.
jdfoster00  +   1555d ago
How many retards are on this site? How many times does ROBERT BOWLING AND ACTIVISION HAVER TO SAY THAT COD WILL NEVER** EVER BE PAY TO PLAY!!! Elite is an game mode in MW3! FFS they're you go! Now shut up. Or even free to play on pc? Idk but from what I've heard it's a gametype/mode/extra in MW3. Again I say this. COD WILL NEVER BE PAY TO PLAY! Such a stupid article and even more stupid comments!
Gamer_Z  +   1555d ago
No its defiantly a pay to play option that they will include in MW3. MW3 won’t be pay to play specifically but I have no doubt that it’s an option to unlock more content like guns, attachments, maps etc or maybe even a standalone MP. The thing is; is that the content will already be on the disc and will probably only be unlocked if you pay the subscription fee.

"The company said that this year's installment--heavily rumored to be Modern Warfare 3--will have "an unprecedented online universe that is accompanying it." The publisher indicated that this "all-new connected digital universe"--also called a new "platform"--was in the works at its newly formed Beachhead studio."

"One is a logo for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. The second is something called Call of Duty: Elite, possibly the name of the Beachhead's new online platform."

My source: http://www.gamespot.com/xbo...
jdfoster00  +   1555d ago
Yes! But we get this WITH the game. We DON'T have to pay to get it! Follow ROBERT BOWLING AND ALL THE SLEDGEHAMMER PEOPLE ON TWITTER AND THEY HAVE SAID OVER AND OVER AGAIN "THEY'RE WILL NEVER BE PAY TO PLAY ON A CALL OF DUTY GAME" "NEVER". Why can't you just deal you're getting an extra service which you don't have to pay for? R bowling has said time and time again that WE WILL NEVER PAY A DIME EXTRA FOR PAY TO PLAY OR EXTRAS UNLESS IT'S DLC

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