E3 2011 Predictions (

"As most of you probably know, the Electronic Entertainment Expo is upon us. Gamers will soon be flooded with information about Nintendo’s “Project Cafe”, Activision’s Modern Warfare 3, brand-new 3DS and NGP games, and so much more that it hurts my brain to think about for too long.

With that said, here are five E3 predictions: a couple are pretty outlandish, but that’s what E3 is all about – right?"

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Fil1012457d ago

the next gta and gow game would be a gd annoucement but i'm secreatly hoping for a r6 announcment more than any other game.

cbakehorn2456d ago

Rainbow Six definitely seems feasible. I haven't seen anything from that series in a while. I bet it takes place in some location other than Vegas.

newn4gguy2457d ago

I can tell you guys right now...GTA V will be unveiled at the VGA's this year.

newn4gguy2457d ago

Geoff Keighley pretty much confirmed it via Twitter right after this year's VGA's...which were less than barable to watch.

cbakehorn2456d ago

(replying to second comment) I see, that's interesting, I had no idea. Can't wait to see that.

tweet752457d ago

skyward sword in september, mario 3ds in november along with kid icarus in october

newn4gguy2455d ago

I'll keep those in my prediction list. I'm having an E3 party and we're all writing predictions.

likerussia2456d ago

I bet these predictions are pretty close, especially GOWIV