Leaked Modern Warfare 3 Killstreaks are fake

Project NaTL: (I'm pretty sure this is like the 4th time I said this, but whatever.) So, going through Mr. Bowling's twitter, leaked Modern Warfare 3 killstreaks are fake. It's quite obvious but some people still believe it. So if you believe in the leak being true, you might want to read these tweets. (By Sufyan Ahmed)

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rabidpancakeburglar2673d ago

I think most people called it anyway

ProjectNaTL2673d ago

I guess everything currently, including the "leaked" main menu is fake, as Mr. Bowling said everything he has currently seen on the internet is all false.

FAGOL2673d ago

Even the perks? I hope those are fake. It looks so unbalanced.

ProjectNaTL2673d ago

Yes, even the perks. (They look too retarded to be true)

Mansour4492673d ago (Edited 2673d ago )

I'm sure 80% of the perks will be from the old MW in mw3.

Kon2673d ago

Let's hope not. i want new perks and Killstreaks... Those are getting old pretty fast.

Soldierone2673d ago

For all we know they "leaked" it to see what we like, and will include certain aspects in the new one.

We all knew for a fact it wasn't true one way or another.

Ninver2673d ago

F#ck this game off already.

gamerzBEreal172673d ago

its so funny how people say Battlefield 3 ftw, BF3>COD, COD SUCKS SAME THING EVERY YEAR! but there the ones making it big by clicking articles and talking about it lol

Jack-H2673d ago

I agree that people shouldn't be doing that. And not to be confrontational. But absolutely no one has come on here talking like that. Don't whine about people in other articles.

crzyjackbauer2673d ago

BF3 is more like COD than an original BF game
the game will be more scripted like cod and that was said by dice
when i saw the gameplay for bf3 i would have thought it was a next gen COD if it didint have the BF3 title at the end
gameplay wise they are exactly the same
sure bf is known for its big multiplayer maps
but in reality they are just the same game

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