Are We Really Ready For A PS4?

It was a no brainer that Sony was already working on their next gen console, but it’s nice to see it go from rumor to official. If you haven’t heard, Sony had an investment meeting yesterday that confirmed the news. With Nintendo planning to announce their next gen console at E3, and Microsoft asking for next gen engineers back it March, it’s nice to see Sony drop some hints. So it looks like the next generation of consoles is coming sooner rather than later. Should we be excited?

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fluffydelusions2639d ago

I approve just for the controller picture lol.

piroh2639d ago

PS3 will outlive X720 and project cafe

velocitygamer2639d ago (Edited 2639d ago )

Uncharted 3 hasn't released yet, so no, we're not ready yet.

Edit: Desperate troll just went and disagreed with everyone. Typical pussy.

Dee_912638d ago

in about another year or 2 sure ..

LOGICWINS2639d ago

Hell no I'm not ready for PS4. PS3 hasn't even peaked yet IMO.

Perjoss2639d ago

Sony does't really have a choice, when microsoft releases a new xbox it will make the ps3 look like old tech, people always like new electronics and gadgets as long as they are not rubbish. It's just the way things are.

fluffydelusions2639d ago

You make a valid point but people will stay play/buy the ps3 just like people still do the ps2.

cliffbo2639d ago

microsoft does not make hardware so it will be off the shelf tech just like the xbox/360 were whereas sony actually makes hardware so will be true next gen tech not what is currently available.

RedDevils2639d ago (Edited 2639d ago )

Only if they have a bc for Ps3 and I will jump ship so I can enjoy both next gen and current gen even if I have to pay 600 buck for it, Still enjoying my 60gb :D

MysticStrummer2638d ago (Edited 2638d ago )

I didn't buy a 360 when it came out before PS3, and the same will apply for next gen consoles. Sony just has the games I want to play, and neither Microsoft or Nintendo can compete in my opinion, new tech or not. OT - No.

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2638d ago
BubbleSniper2638d ago

you must be new. we been seeing this picture for a few years now. lol........!

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dangert122639d ago

I'm not ready i do want to see a fully maximsed ps3 game and a online that betters kz 2's then i will move on

dangert122639d ago

people are disagreeing ? ok i lied its not what i want to see =/

Poopee2639d ago

I think they misunderstood you and thought you were insulting Killzone 2 (you weren't right?). I believe he meant to say that Killzone 2 has the best online on PS3 and best graphics. He just wants to see the PS3 reach max potential and surpass that game in every way (hint: Killzone 3 did not do that).

LoneWanderer092638d ago

people like that is what took my 5 bubbles i had

Chaostar2639d ago

I know price is an issue for most people but I would like to see a decent leap in technology so, for me, cost takes a back seat to technical prowess. As long as you get enough tech for your money I'd be happy and willing to pay extra to get a better console; costs always eventually come down and then everyone can play. Until then we still have our current gen systems and their "10 year lifespans".

metsgaming2639d ago

They should really wait as long as they can, based on their competition. The world is still in a recession and PS3 games are still getting better and better.

SkyCrawler2639d ago (Edited 2639d ago )

Lol good job blocking me Loner after you PM'd me your attacking words.I called you out and you went on to tell me people who get emotionally attached to corporations have downs when just moments before you blatantly submitted another anti-Sony article then another pro-Xbox submission. You're a complete douche and quite a contradictory yourself. Your PM to me was also pathetic and desperate just as your other attempts . Glad you blocked me as I've also blocked you. I've wasted enough time on this as it is trivial. I'll just continue to report you and your desperate activities. Kthnxbye.

PS. Go outside

Kon2639d ago

Wow Nerd fight, how interesting.

SkyCrawler2639d ago

Not really a fight. Fighting is pretty useless. I just wanted to know what his problem was and he raged-attacked me before rage-blocking me. lol

But I agree it was pretty stupid of me to dig further. I don't usually take things that far.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2639d ago (Edited 2639d ago )

A PM from Loner the Troll:

''Thanks for the kind words
Sadly i couldn't use my one bubble because im on comment ban again :(

I might be nice and spam pro sonys storys now........................... .............................. . .............................. . ..................
Yeah right''

Lol, he actually was desperate to Troll even on PM.

Falaut2639d ago (Edited 2639d ago )

*scenario, Loner is at a drug store buying prophylactics*

Cash: okay sir, will there be anything else?
Loner: *mumbles under his breath...*
Cash: okkkkkkkaaaaaaayyyyyy o_O that will be $17.82 please...
Loner: durrrrrrr Playstation suckkkkkkkkksssssss! Soniiiiieezzzzzzzz FAILs this time!

Ontopic: the question is, am I willing to put up with 256mb of system memory limitations for another 4 years, and the honest answer is:no.

Dart892638d ago

Lol he did the same to me i must have hit a spot for him to block me.

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