Video Game Cops That Should Be Tasered

PS Uni writes: "[...] for every Detective Cole Phelps that swiftly hammers down justice with every case presented to him, there are a dozen officers that, for a variety of reasons, aren’t very good at their jobs. Perhaps they’re no smarter than people that got rid of all their belongings before the Rapture that never came, or maybe they treat their jobs with the subtlety seen in the billboards advertising the very same event. So before you get too enamored with virtual cops, allow us to bring you back down to Earth."

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Warprincess1162610d ago

Yep GTA cops should be #1. They are so annoying.

C L O U D2610d ago

The Getaway: Black Monday | When you ride a bicycle on the pavement the police starts shooting at you

OhMyGandhi2610d ago

what a random article.
I suppose the cops from GTA should be tasered.
but I also found the cops from "Mafia II" to be damned annoying as well.

*random thought that came out of nowhere* imagine if all cops in videogames had the intelligence of the mercs from the F.E.A.R. series? that'd be some scary stuff. you'd never feel safe.