More Evidence for the PSP2′s Final Name

Following the info that Games Pundit provided, Tech Corner decided to do some research and something interesting was uncovered.

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a_bro2607d ago

WTH? just saw the Picture BTW. this is pretty much all but confirmed then?

TOO PAWNED2607d ago

"Vita" Really? Worst name ever.

Anarki2607d ago

It could be worse......and it could be better...much better

Raendom2607d ago

You'll get used to it. Like Wii, like Kinect.

Although I do miss the days when we had "Jaguar", "Odyssey", "Lynx" etc.

metsgaming2607d ago

If they do call it "vita" i will never call it by that name. I would probably stick with NGP or say psp2.

WhittO2607d ago (Edited 2607d ago )

Everyone said iPad was worst name ever, I agreed at the time, doesn't seem so stupid now really, people have got over it lol

I actually think this name is ok, they prob could've picked better though haha.

TBH there are alot of things out there with crap names but then after a while, you hear it enough, it becomes normal.

lil Titan2607d ago

whats in a name really? will it preform any different?...No, okay then shut up about the name already. i swear men are becoming more feminine about stupid shi...

BattleAxe2607d ago

I really don't like that name. Vita just doesn't sound actually kind of pisses me off for some reason.

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lelo2play2607d ago

Oh boy... Sony should just name it PSP2... and be done with it.

... most logical would be...

If it's PSVita... it's a shitty name.

guigsy2606d ago

PS Go wasn't a bad name. They might as well have gone with PSP2 though, it's not exactly original but it keeps the brand familiarity.

colonel1792607d ago

They should remove the PS in the logo.. IT SUCKS!! at least leave it just VITA..

Surfaced2607d ago

I agree. "PSVITA" spelled out doesn't look good. And they already have a PS button on the thing.

mugoldeneagle032607d ago

Ya'll cant wait 9 days for Sony's conference to get the final word?

And I don't mind it if this rumor is true...I mean, if it's completely different than the PSP (Which it pretty much is) that takes care of PSP2. Vita is short, somewhat catchy. I just hope it somehow ties into the system in some way, and not just a weird name

JLeVRT2607d ago

Why dont they just fuckin call it the PSP2? lol...
Its kinda what they do with their consoles. I guess handhelds are an exception. Vita is meh

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TechCorner2607d ago

The link is fixed. You no longer have to log in to continue. Sorry about that, my mistake.

life doomer2607d ago

the logo is really slick. I think it looks really cool.

Max_Dissatisfaction2607d ago

Are you REALLY serious? I hope you're REALLY kidding.

KonaBro2607d ago

You would pop up here and share your opinion that no one really cares about Max. Stick to the 360 article huh?

IRetrouk2607d ago

i like it too, something diffrent, they may still change the name, or this could be old pics sent out to pubs and devs, you just dont know, yet.

Sevir042607d ago

I love it PSV / Vita 3g ftw! you don't have to use the whole moniker just PSV or Vita by itself. Vita sounds cool by itself as does the 3g addition.:-) E3 will be epic... Sony somehow just can't keep leaks from happening. next it'll be all the games flying out of E3 before it even happens X_X just like the go and the last guardian. and the move.

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