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PS3 Attitude says: "There are two things I found remarkable about my last online outing in Brink: one was the number of fetishistic gas masks on show, which surely says something about Brink’s “expressive” community, and two, I didn’t kill anyone, which most definitely says a lot about my playing style.

But try to avoid rushing to obvious nasty conclusions; I wasn’t horrendously bad, and I even finished top of the leaderboard ahead of 15 not-too-shabby players. So, how did I get there then? Well, I got there through playing the way Splash Damage wanted me to play: I gave up being a lone wolf and learned to be more objective."

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OooHJohnny2639d ago

I really like this game but where are all the players? The online mode is a f**ing no man's land!

seanoc2638d ago

I presume you're playing in Campaign mode? If so, you'll probably have a lot more joy if you pop into freeplay and select "Big Teams" or a similar mode. That should get you 8v8 games.

Hopefully that helps.