NIS comments on Soul Resurreccion demo and localization of other Bleach games

NIS America’s Marketing Coordinator, Ryan Phillips, comments on the possibilities of a demo for Bleach: Soul Resurreccion and publishing other Bleach games on the Playstation platforms.

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phoenixdown2728d ago

me and my other two ps3 owning friends are getting this. one of my other friends doesn't have a ps3, but he said he wants one really badly and will try to get a job to buy this lol. it looks really fun.

Neko_Mega2728d ago

Aleady got the US one preorder.

Tony-Red-Grave2728d ago

i hate you ritght now becauswe im to broke to PO them 030

Neko_Mega2727d ago

lol I am to, my gf preorder it for me. Plus I told my friend I would preorder the game from her at Gamestop.

If she doesn't get alot of preorders, she has to by this jerk pop.

KillaManiac2727d ago

Same here...did mine tonight along with Disgaea 4 and Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3.

Neko_Mega2727d ago

Yep, got Disgaea 4 preoder to and waiting for GameStop to get off their butts and get this:

Was thinking about getting this: : Most for the pink spotted boxers.

CrescentFang2727d ago

I think this company needs some games like this. A license that is popular + a game version of it will sell. I hope maybe NIS may be able to do even more things if they get lots of money from it. (Also I hope they are able to do the Heat the Soul series!)