Making a AAA Game is Hard

I thought I knew about the game industry. For many years now (or as many as a 20 year old can have) I have dedicated myself to learning the ins and outs of the business that I see as the future of art and entertainment. I’ve checked news sites daily, poured over the latest NPD numbers, and even put a few books on the subject under my belt. My knowledge on games was quite vast and, man, was I proud about it.

At least, that’s what I thought…

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Seijoru2607d ago

Great read. This should shut up a lot of people who think making a game is cake.

no_more_heroes2607d ago

That's why I hate when people get super-ultra-mega-hyper-ridicul ously picky about one single, solitary out-of-place pixel or polygon. At times, entry level C++ left me scratching my head so hard I reached the bone.

socomnick2607d ago

Yea making a AAA game is hard, most studios including Insomniac have yet to make one.

Too many variables, too much luck involved.

showtimefolks2607d ago (Edited 2607d ago )

where if a get gets the hype and doesn't get the 9.5 its a automatic failure.

i read it so many time oh it only got 8.0 or 8.5 not worth the price yet all these FPS with almost same online and 4-5 hrs story can sell millions:

case and point:

homefront sold over one million fast because noobs just paid attention to THQ's big advertisement push and bought the game. yet games like dead space 2 have trouble selling how does that make sense?


problem is when games come out these gaming sites will always ask for what a game is doing taht's new look at uncharted 2 gametrailers review said its the same old same old. yet COD has been the same old

not hating on COD more power to those who play it my point being WHY DO WE HAVE DOUBLE STANDARDS HALO CAN BE THE SAME YET ANOTHER GAME FROM 3RD PARTY CAN'T?

if this trend continues all we will get will be 10FPS every year and maybe 2 or 3 other games

open your eyes
open your mind to new ideas

and insomniac are one of the best DEVS in gaming industry today

they have gotten the best place to work award like 4-5 years in a row

ATiElite2607d ago

If the Publisher is dedicated to the Dev time and has the cash to back the game and the Developer has the idea and the skills to produce quality then making a AAA game is not hard. You go from AAA to C real quick when a Publisher pushes up release slots or slashes the budget or Developers lack the AAA skill.

sure the programming and debugging is long and tedious but once you graduate school those skills are second nature.

The hard part is getting the right Publisher with the right Developer with the right idea. As in many cases all the parts of dedication to a AAA title are not there and you end up with Haze!

Look at Blizzard and Valve, they take forever to make a game but they are perfect every time because the dedication and all the parts are there for them to succeed.

stealth500k2607d ago

and we get 1 game a year from them

If every developer only made 1 game a year

there would be droughts for games every month

midgard2272607d ago

oh wow atielite, i didnt know you made games! make me one! i Want! i Want!!!

ATiElite2607d ago (Edited 2607d ago )

Re-read my post but this time use your brain a little and some maturity.

anyway doing roofing in Desert Climates or being a coal miner or changing the light bulbs on the antennas on top of skyscrapers is hard work.

Sitting in an office on a computer is difficult and frustrating at times but not hard.

Sure I'll make you a game as soon as you give me $60 million up front for my Studio, equipment, and Development time! Plus I want 5 points for every retail copy sold over 1 million and 10 points on every Digital copy sold after 500k and 12 points for every copy streamed.

Now what type of game do you want me to make and for what platform. when you figure all that out send a cashiers check and a contract to my Business lawyer!

Twilightx72607d ago (Edited 2607d ago )


If you seriously think that roofing or mining or changing light bulbs, regardless of the environment, is harder work than creating bug-free, innovative, AAA software, then you must live a very sheltered life. Anybody can do manual labor, not everyone can have the talent or skill to create incredible games.

DrRichtofen2607d ago (Edited 2607d ago )

@ twilight are you retarded? being a miner, light changer for skycrapers and roofer in the desert is way more harder and dangerous than making games and they don't get paid as much either. Frustration is about the only tedious thing a programmer has to worry about when coding.

ExitToExisT2607d ago

wow this just blew my mind i thought it was a piece of cake to make an AAA game.

nightmarex1212607d ago

The best way to make an aaa is to innovate in either gameplay, story, or graphics.

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