Mortal Kombat DLC Arrives June 7th

New DLC will be available for the Mortal Kombat game very soon. Warner Bros have confirmed that the new DLC will be available for download on June 7th.

The new DLC will feature the previously-available-by-pre-or der-only “Klassic” costumes of Sub-Zero, Scorpion, Reptile, Ermac, Mileena, Jade, and Kitana. In addition, it will include old fatalities for Sub-Zero, Scorpion, and Reptile.

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richierich2671d ago

Hopefully the PSN Store will be back before then

midgard2272670d ago

to bad for MK infamous 2 comes out then :P.

Quagmire2669d ago

Still trying to get her costume on, perhaps?

NewZealander2671d ago

shame they are charging for kontent thats already on the disc.

Raendom2670d ago

I think only Skarlet is on the disc, the others are kinda just base models (without clothes lol), no attacks yet either.

TenSteps2670d ago

He's talking about the DLC that's in the article, aka the klassic skins which are in the disc.

interrergator2663d ago

@newzealander atleast your not payin 20-80 dollars on ebay lol

Paul_Gale2670d ago

June 7th is as fitting of date as any for new Mortal Kombat DLC. Who knows...perhaps with E3 being the same day, we'll even get something special and unexpected out of the deal. Either way, there's no doubt that the MK faithful will eat this up.

RBlaze2670d ago (Edited 2670d ago )

'Preorder costumes/fatalities will be included as DLC'... That is an abomination! I did preorder (from Game UK) who had MK for £45. I, instead found the game for £36 at Tesco... So I missed out on the costume (even though I still bought the game new at retail)...

My point is, I bought the game, and I bought the game new! Why should I [EDIT: And all others who bought the game new] have to pay extra to get something that I should have had already (as it clearly existed!). I understand the point of online passes (as the devs don't make anything from preowned sales), and I understand paying for DLC (as these obviously cost to create)... Hell, I even understand (to an extent) paying for DLC which was clearly (or atleast, nearly) ready when the game was released! But to pay for something that was blatently already available and given to people WHO BOUGHT THE GAME THE SAME DAY AS ME is disgraceful!

SuperLupe2670d ago

I know, its getting out of hand.

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