OXM: MW3 Controversy - Don't Take The Daily Mail's Bait

OXM UK writes: "So it seems the Daily Mail is throwing a wobbly over simulated violence in videogames again. And it seems the game in question is a Modern Warfare game. Let us now inspect those two statements carefully for any speck or glint of interest or surprisingness. You may need to employ the services of a magnifying glass, or possibly the Hubble Space telescope."

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Kingdom Come2671d ago

The Daily Mail consider themselves to be the Guardian for the United Kingdom, when really they're only criticising their readers, by claiming videogames will manipulate their actions, transform them in to senseless killers, they are making comparisons to those in poor state of mind who have become easily influenced. Those of whom have commited a crime after playing a videogame were already in a poor condition mentally. How is a sequence so over the top as a train chase sequence going to influence gamers to go out and commit terrorist crimes? Such a suggestion is both insulting to gamers and proof of the Daily Mails desperacy for attention...

AtomicGerbil2671d ago (Edited 2671d ago )

The Daily Mail, on a crusade to put gaming back 30 years.

Only recently they reported Sport games cause more aggression than violent games. So that's sport and violence they want us to do away with, hmmm, doesn't that cover 99% of all games.

They also take pride in reporting when a mother or father have neglected or beaten their children due to addiction to or being disturbed whilst playing video games. While this is very disturbing, the people involved already have the psychological problems required for this kind of behaviour and it could be triggered by anything.

If they want violence in video games abolished then they should go the whole hog and ban it in all media, but then they would only have fluffy stories to report, because they wouldn't be permitted to report violence.

Instead of jumping on the game violence causes real violence bandwagon, how about crusading to teach parents to recognise age ratings, wouldn't have to worry about kids playing violent games then.

Pintheshadows2671d ago

I hate the Daily Mail. It might just be worse than HHG.