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omi25p2551d ago

Its so awsome. I cant wait.

WhittO2551d ago (Edited 2551d ago )

It's good, but I was expecting it to be a lot better trailer-wise, since Gears usually has amazing trailers that stand out from the rest.
Compared to these anyway:

It just looks like a Cod trailer with monsters.

....At least it wasn't all CGI like Wii Game Ads lol

kingdoms2551d ago (Edited 2551d ago )

I'm a ps3 fan that just purchased a 360 last week and enjoying it very much. Playing crysis 2 on 360, forza 3, and can't wait for gears 3 and kindoms. Games just keep surprising me with jaw dropping graphics. Forza 4 will be more shocking than kingdoms.

WhittO2551d ago (Edited 2551d ago )

@kingdoms Not bitter, I think Gears is one of the best quality game series on 360, that's why I had high expectations in the first place, that's more of a compliment to it than a slander...

Also, all you seem to be worried about is graphics.
good graphics don't = good games.

snipes1012551d ago


Remember how much criticism those caught though? They had no actual gameplay in them and the emotion is those trailers was nowhere to be found in either campaign (with the exception, of course, where Dom found Maria).

I think using this song (Black Sabbath? I don't know shit about rock) works pretty well. Captured the whole "the world is going to hell" vibe. Also, it hits closer to home for the dirty, rugged rock solid punch to the face type of action games this series has churned out.

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superduper2551d ago

i saw this video without "not actual gameplay" sentence at the begining

the way to go sonygirls

Dark3602551d ago

I can't wait...F*CK YEAH

JasonPC360PS3Wii2551d ago

Gears of War 3 and MW3 will be unstoppable this fall. Most will likely stay clear of these two games. If they want to make any money they will.

kalebgray922551d ago

gears 1 was my very first next gen game and the reason i got my 360 in the first place... but thats was when their graphics were the best... this kinda seems like meh graphics to me.... rage graphics and bioshock infinite destroy this... the gameplay will be great in gears 3 though... but i might skip this one....gears 1 mad world trailer stomped on this one though

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X_GAMER_X2551d ago

Can not wait.
Thank you Epic and Microsoft for a great Game.

RedPawn2551d ago

I really want to try the 4P-Co-Op

QuantumWake2551d ago

That was really awesome! After the Gears 3 beta, I'm already sold. Looking to be the most polished Gears game ever. Bring it on Epic!

Cheers! :D