Brink: Testing the Brink of My Patience

Ryan Johnson | GoozerNation

Brink's touted features prove to be a hindrance in some cases. This highly anticipated title just doesn't seem to hold up in the eyes of this particular GoozerNation reviewer. Click in to find out his opinions, and decide if you agree or not.

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TooTall192553d ago

I disagree with the reviewer on just about all of his complaints.

RyanDJ2553d ago

I know this game may appeal to some out there. Guess this is why there are different genres. I know a few GoozerNation people who really looked forward to this game. I'm curious if any of them have played and if they see themselves reviewing it for a counterpoint.

Dazel2553d ago

The game is great but obviously not for everyone. The patch out today, for the 360, fixed the lag and freezing issues so far. Now just the short wait for the free dlc. Bring it on.

Ve3tro2553d ago

Game is enjoyable at times, it's just the A.I is completely broke.

Myst2553d ago

Love how the AI goes all gung-ho in the last few minutes of a mission.

Ve3tro2553d ago

Yea lol, so many games I had the match in the bag with like 30-50 seconds left then the AI just comes in a rapes me.

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