Sony Responds To NGP RAM Reduction Rumors

Recently a French website stirred up rumors that the 3G-less version of Sony's Next Gen Portable ( NGP ) had received a significant downgrade in RAM. Reportedly the reduction was from 512MB to 256MB. While Sony has never shared exactly how much RAM the system will use, the rumor quickly went viral.

Sony Computer Entertainment President,Shuhei Yoshida recently gave his response to the rumor over Twitter.

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Also depends what kind of RAM is using and not amount.

Example: XDR, eDRAM etc.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2275d ago

Yeah, i really don't know if i will be picking this console up either way. I have to buy me a new laptop for school and if i want to play some games i have the laptop.

firelogic2275d ago (Edited 2275d ago )

Makes me laugh whenever someone says, "i have my iphone or laptop to play games." Yeah, have fun playing NGP games on your laptop. Obviously the main draw of getting an NGP is to play games that are only available on the NGP. The fact that you have a laptop is moot as not a single game on the NGP is available on the PC/Mac platform. At least games other than shovelware/year sports iterations.

jetlian2275d ago

how is the main draw of ngp.. ngp only games? maybe in your l only play exclusives mind is that a true statement!

people buy gaming systems to play games. what system they buy is based on how much money their willing to spend.

gaffyh2275d ago

@jetlian - Of course the whole point of the NGP is to play games that were made for NGP. Am I missing something or what?

1. You only buy a system based on it's exclusives. If the Xbox 360 did not have Halo or Gears, people may not have bought it. If the PS3 didn't have Uncharted or GOW, they may not have bought it.

Exclusives are what makes your decision, NOT multiplatform games, they are just a bonus.

2. You're obviously not going to get the same game experience from an iPhone or Laptop than with an NGP, it will be a different type of game. I think firelogic was talking about this.

HappyGaming2275d ago

The main reason I have my PS3 and I love it so much that I would never let it go is because of multimedia functions :P

Its a very important part of my living room...

Games are a plus but that is because I no longer like games as much as I used to :(

Now I just buy the top of the top games like Uncharted 3... GT5... Resistance...

jetlian2275d ago

your saying a person can't buy a 360 or a ps3 because of cod,BF,rage,la noire,madden?!

They may not even know what gears or uncharted is. Their buying because they want to GAME!! And the game could just be COD. So no people don't pick a system by exclusives!! it could be but theres no definite answer!

And clearly the guy aboves sees thing from my point over yours.

Legion2275d ago (Edited 2275d ago )


"you only by the sytem for it's exclusives"

Maybe YOU only buy the system for it's exclusives but a large portion of the gaming community doesn't care about the exclusives.

If they wanted to play a game of GTA then they might just look at the system that is affordable to them?

Or they might buy the system that their friends have also?

Or they might just have been disenchanted with Sony or MS and thought they would go with the competition?

Or they might have owned the previous version of the system and chose to continue with the newer version?

Exclusives are a selling point to Sony and MS but not as much for the gaming community. These days the gamers just want a good collection of games for the best value. Those that consider themselves hardcore gamers are the vast majority of any concern on exclusives... and they are in the minority when it comes to gaming. Majority of gamers are casual gamers... that is how Wii dominated in sales so quickly.

Sonys has focused more on Media then on exclusives with their bluray player being a much larger seller of systems then any single exclusive.

MS has relied primarily on their service of Xbox Live and promtion of community experience and gone away from direct exclusive oriented sales. They are taking a fluid approach to their system and have looked at Kinetic as the avenue into the casual gamer market.

Both major players have different sales plans but with the same drive... to get their user base larger. And exclusives don't do it as much as the other options they have to use.

Not saying that exclusives aren't a part of each systems plans but they just aren't the only reason that people buy systems, and they aren't the primary plan behind gaining future recruits to their system.

sikbeta2275d ago


You will have your laptop to play some games, but not The Games for NGP :P


"closer to PS3 in memory size" that's the way I want it, as for Yoshida's response, hope it's true :P

Istanbull2275d ago

ignored for not buying NGP

ConstipatedGorilla2275d ago

I find it hilarious that you have 3 times as many disagrees. People seem to know what you really need for school. Maybe you can write your papers on the NGP, and everyone here can show you how.

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egidem2275d ago

LoL. He just pulled a Kevin Butler E3 "Don't believe everything you read on the Internet!"

one2thr2275d ago

"That's how World War 1 got started" lol

gumgum992275d ago

"...Otherwise, I'd be a Nigerian Millionaire by now."

Shikoro2275d ago

You won't see XDR RAM in a handheld since there is no version of it for mobile devices and it would take "some" extra money to build one. Sony chose to go with off-the-shelf components to lower the costs as much as possible. In terms of RAM, LPDDR2 is capable enough of delivering high quality and high performance games. The only question is the amount of it.

Misterhbk2275d ago

This also puts the other half of their rumor to rest.

the part about the NGP first in Japan and then the rest of the world next year. I guess we'll just have to wait until E3 to find out what Sony really has planned.

hazeblaze2275d ago

Don't even start to fall for this. the Xperia Play that Sony just released has 512 MB of RAM. And the high end android phones have 1GB of RAM already. There is no way that the NGP will ship w/ less memory than the PlayStation phone, lol!!!

zeddy2275d ago

8gb of ddr4 sdram. i just started a rumour.

clearelite2275d ago (Edited 2275d ago )

Yes and is anyone else tired of people confusing system memory with video memory?

Truthfully, the amount of ram should be sufficient too, but like you said, the type of ram can be more important.

I see a lot of people on here confusing graphics memory with system memory. The laptop I'm on right now has well over 1000MB of system memory, but only 128MB or so is Video Memory in the graphics card.

NGP will be a beast(just like the PS3 was a beast) and people who are doubting it will be pleasantly surprised.

socomnick2275d ago

Ram type doesnt really matter.

More ram of the slower kind is always better then a small amount of fast ram.

Persistantthug2275d ago (Edited 2275d ago )

If the ram wasn't as fast as it was (3.2GHz) the Cell Processor would stall.

Depending on the Architecture and components of said unit in question, ram TYPE is potentially more important.

JsonHenry2275d ago

Not really. While you might get more bandwidth out of faster ram you would still be better off running 2gigs of 800mhz RAM vs. only 1gig of 16000mhz RAM.

When it comes to RAM more is better. How fast it is does make a difference, but not nearly as much as you might think. Also- the bus system makes a big deal too. So you have to keep that in mind. It would be awesome if they just did it as a SoC design. Lower the power requirements as well as thermal output and increasing the power of the components.

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Kon2275d ago

Please don't downgrade nothing. This is the only handheld that i'm excited to buy

Chaostar2275d ago

Double negative... tricky.

user83971442275d ago

I really hate grammar geeks.

Hoje03082275d ago

I hate people that don't understand basic English.

Chaostar2275d ago

Take it easy, it was a Scott Pilgrim quote opportunity and I took it, although I do prefer people to write in proper English.

user83971442275d ago (Edited 2275d ago )

Oh trust me, I understand it but you don't have to go around the internet telling people about their grammar mistakes.

Jack-H2275d ago

"I really hate people that make me realize I may not be as smart as I believe that I am"

Some people are just plain silly.

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ScentlessApprentice72275d ago

Shuhei Yoshida's quote is a good one: "Do not believe everything you read on the internet".

To compliment that quote, here is a quote from the band System of a Down's song "Aerials":

"When you lose small mind, you free your life".

blumatt2275d ago (Edited 2275d ago )

Can't wait for the NGP. It's gonna be the best handheld out there when it drops. I can't wait for games to be announced that have cross platform play (PS3 and NGP), as well as games that will allow you to take your game with you on the go (like sports games, MLB The Show, Madden, etc..

Give me a price $299.99 or lower and I'll buy it when it drops. Otherwise, I'm waiting until a price drop. :) Make me happy, Sony!!!!

Yeah, but one can dream, right?? haha Well, even if it does end up costing $400, it'll be worth it considering the specs. I mean, an iPhone 4 off contract costs around $500 or more, and the NGP has WAAAAY more features than the iPhone 4. Of course, I'm not going to buy it first thing if it costs $400, but I will when it goes down to $300.