Respawn Entertainment likely to miss E3

Respawn Entertainment,the new studio headed by Jason West and Vince Zampella is likely to miss this E3.
They have confirmed on their official Twitter that there wont be any announcements from them at the Los Angeles E3 gaming expo this year.

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shreeveera2639d ago

Iam very disappointed.
Hopefully we get to hear something from Respawn before the end of the year.
I truly wished for a killer game to be released by them before Modern Warfare 3.

shreeveera2639d ago

My million dollar question is-
Will Respawn make a COD style FPS or a totally different Tactical third person shooter more action oriented?
I really felt sad when Activision filed a lawsuit against them thus expelling them.
I consider Jason and Vince as ''Two strands of DNA of Infinity Ward''.