Battlefield 2 Vs Battlefield 3 Comparison

For those who really can not notice the difference that DICE is putting towards Battlefield 3 from Battlefield 2. Then you are in luck.

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Hitman07692583d ago

Hope we get a really great game out of this all.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2583d ago

The difference in this is obvious. Better Lighting and Better animations and Better textures.

ATiElite2583d ago

I don't know man.....they almost looks exactly the same to me except the BF2 pictures were taken during a dust storm in drought season while the BF3 pictures were taken on a sunny day.

or.....the BF2 pics were after 48 hours of round the clock Napalming and carpet bombing while the BF3 pics were after 48 hours of a Home and garden convention.

Jokes aside the progression in graphics is amazing as BF2 in 2005 was cutting edge and now Dice looks to push the envelope again.

Nes_Daze2583d ago

I want to see BF3 multiplayer..

KeiserSosay47882583d ago

Agreed! The MP reveal for BF3 is my most anticipated at E3 this year.

Catatafish2583d ago

I hope they nerf the air units up a bit or at least make the AA items better/faster.

I keep going back to play BF2 and I am about 40 hours and a few upgrade in. But I find myself only playing on the no vehicles servers because if you don't it's spawn, die, spawn, die at the hands of some jet/copta ace.

Don't get me wrong BF2 is a great game and I love it (I am going to play some now), it just seems the level of complexity that exists in the air units is not present in everything else and they have a huge edge if a skilled pilot is flying.

Jets need to be harder to use or less complex in the way they can do anything in the air... And those damn AH1Z's... They are just unkillable unless you are in a jet!!!

I hope they balance the air units a bit better.

Elwenil2583d ago (Edited 2583d ago )

I'll just be happy if they have the button to pick up fallen kits on a different button than the one you use to activate/deactivate the consoles on Rush if they keep the mode or something similar. The single most irritating thing about BC2 to me is going to activate or deactivate a console and all I do is swap kits with a dead guy laying there. Grrrrr! Personally, I think I would be happy with just an updated BF2 with new weapons, vehicles, graphics, destruction, etc rather than too many changes to the core gameplay like many franchises are doing to appease the more casual crowd.

camargo20122583d ago

where are the call of duty fanboys?