Namco Bandai Games to Release Dark Souls in October

Gaming Dead writes: "Leading video game publisher and developer NAMCO BANDAI Games America Inc., recently announced the exclusive pre-order incentives and Collector’s Edition of Dark Souls™"

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mobijoker2672d ago

The only rpg from consoles that i would like to see in pc.
Namco bandai will be on a roll now-First witcher 2,now Dark Souls-two of the best rpgs this gen.

Kon2672d ago

How do you know that Dark Souls is one of the best RPG's this gen if you haven't played?

Rybakov2672d ago

cause its the sequel of demon souls....nuff said right there

can't wait for this game

stealth500k2672d ago

^ sorry but the best console rpg this year to me in different genres will be tales of X in the action turn based category, disgaea 4 in the srpg category, skyrim in the action/rpg category, 13-2 in the turn base category,the last story in the action strategy category

a_bro2672d ago

more like the successor to Demon's Souls. Not sequel.

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Lirky2672d ago

@Rybakov its not the sequel to demons souls, its the spirtual successor. Your saying it like as if Demons Souls released on the xbox360 too thats why this isnt demons souls II.

And oct. 2009 demons souls released in october so its sorta going to have that same feeling a cold-night you purchase the game and then get the extra bonus chills while playing the game.


Exactly, people tend to forget that Demon's Souls was developed by From Software and SCEJ (not simply published by Sony in Japan but a combined development effort).

That's not saying Dark Souls will be a bad game or that From Software alone can't do it... They have in fact done it before, if you consider that Demon's Souls itself was a spiritual successor of the King's Field franchise.

I too have interest in Dark Souls, but just like Demon's Souls wasn't King's Field, I don't expect Dark Souls to be the same Demon's Souls.

Raider692672d ago (Edited 2672d ago )

I really have to finnish Demons Souls before the servers go down in October.Anyone knows if they are still putting the DS out in October like they mention?

KiWi17112672d ago

I'd like it if they release it on, or with in the week of Halloween.

DFresh2672d ago

Knowing Namco Bandai they don't know how to advertise their games really well.
I'm pretty sure Dark Souls will do very well though it'll be the Demon Souls fans from PS3 that buy it because their familiar with it.
Not sure how well it'll do on the Xbox 360.
Perhaps it'll do decent numbers on 360 and good numbers on PS3.
Might even break a million sooner then Demon Souls.
Who knows?
Either way regardless of sales Dark Souls is going to be a beastly game.

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