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gamrReview: "Always a joy to look at and enjoyable to play, thanks to its superb visuals and tightly honed gameplay, I highly recommend DiRT 3. This is, without a shadow of a doubt, Codemasters’ most packed racer ever... it’s brimming with content and adds more than enough to the franchise to justify a third entry this generation."

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Spectator12609d ago

Another excellent Codies racer.

Torillian2609d ago

It really is impressive how they can keep up the quality year after year without getting into the rut that many sports games seem to get into.

Spectator12609d ago

Agreed, though I think it's also more to do with them have several different racing franchises, so it's not the same one being released each year.

HarryMonogenis2609d ago

It's decided: I am buying this game.