GameTrailers Pop-Block: Fate of Ezio Teaser

All secrets revealed from the Fate of Ezio Teaser!

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TheDarkness2490d ago

Okay it looks good, Have to admit.

TOO PAWNED2490d ago

It seems like Altair betrays Ezio.

iamnsuperman2490d ago

The only interesting part of this gt pop-block is the soldiers being the same in Ezio and Altair time. The game does look good but the teaser doesn't show muc. Looking forward to this game

Rybakov2489d ago

ugh if there in the same time period they totally killed the series.....if there is like a couple hundred years between them are they together in the same time

i just can't wait till exio dies because he is like 50 at this point/ the end of brotherhood....and it was rare to live that long back then....not to mention his assassin way of life would typically half the average he is lucky to live this long

at least on the plus side it looked great just hope in game graphics are that awesome

Urrakia342489d ago

Lucky to live this long? The guy was a master assassin for a reason.....

Rybakov2489d ago

true but still mistake can be made and such....he also learned how to on the fly no real mentor or anything sure he had support but he pretty much did it on his own