Child of Eden Preview at London MCM - Playstation Move Bound?

Dan Curtis, Senior Editor of GamerGaia writes: Child of Eden is a curious character. It’s a bizarre, rather psychedelic take on a first person shooter that is billed as the ‘spiritual successor’ to the Dreamcast’s highly popular REZ, utilizing Microsoft’s Kinect in a very appealing, unique way.
I’ve been a bit indifferent with the title until I saw it in action today at MCM - Ubisoft representative Pete Closs took to the stage, the many vivid colours and patterns that make up Child of Eden’s core gameplay being showcased behind him as he began hyping up the title and I began, as my eyes swam with colour, to be converted.

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jmobley2639d ago

i am excited about this, looks really cool

X-Zone2639d ago

I think the playstation version will be much better.