Final Fantasy V Rated by ESRB for PSP and PS3

The ESRB has rated yet another game and gives people the inside on what "Final Fantasy V" will be and the consoles it will be available for.

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Masta_Killa2673d ago

PS1 Classic most likely. Bout time.

TheBeast2673d ago

"Hell, it's about time" StarCraft II.

OT: This shall be interesting to see how this turns out.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2673d ago (Edited 2673d ago )

Eh, I really did not enjoy Final Fantasy V, Sure i did finish the game but the story did not really sink me in.
My Favorite Final Fantasy's will always be Final Fantasy 7, 4, 6 in that order

Orion2673d ago

I've loved many Final Fantasies. I believe this is enough, though. Square isn't able to innovate, and tries to get money out of old games remastered in a hundred different ways.

This game was released for SNES, then later for PS1 (I have it in a disc), now for PSP, PS3... I'm missing more platforms? Will we see this game released again for PS4 and so on?

Seriously, we should punish them. More innovation, less money squeezing.

MAiKU2673d ago

There are different parts/studios of what makes Square-Enix. There is a high possibility that the people or studio section involved are only dedicated to this stuff when they have no other plans.... or dishing out previous games is part of why that part of the studio exists.

Therefore the only thing that this could hamper is SE's focus in where the funding goes, which wouldn't be significant since it would only involve some porting and tweaks, they already have other games that are not remakes being done around the clock. They are doing this on the side you see.

Orion2673d ago

Yeah, I get your point, maybe I was too harsh in my critic against Square. I didn't want to say that they don't make new things at all, but it is true that we are getting to see too many remakes lately. For me, it's getting tiring - of course, I'll just ignore them.

Anyway, great answer, bubbles to you!

_Empath_2673d ago

Ahead on our way. Love this game so much one of the few that I get emtional talking about, lol the story isn't all that but the battle system, music, characters and atmosphere puts it on my top three FFs.

Lirky2673d ago (Edited 2673d ago )

square enix would be smart to release this on psn downloadable to psp/ps3 combo.

Edit: and try not to make the price 9.99, 3.99-4.99 would be more reasonable.

zackacloud2673d ago

Next year it 20th birthday of ffv

So we wait for 3ds remake

Lirky2673d ago

I think a handheld remake would be neat and also having a Psn remake of it as well.

zackacloud2673d ago (Edited 2673d ago )

'Am just waiting remake for 5 and 6

To see what will happen to 7( afraid from the rumor that said it will be on NGP)

TheEatingChampagne2673d ago

Hell yeah can't wait to play the sixth one on my lovely 3DS :D