How Sony Can Win E3

Coming off the worst two months of the company's career, here's what Sony might have planned to walk out of E3 to reestablish 2011 as the Year of Playstation.

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pedrami912485d ago (Edited 2485d ago )

will literally cry out "RAPE !" after E3 and TGS.

jeseth2485d ago

Games, games, games. With Playstation its always been the amazing games from all genres.

I can't wait for E3 and I like how they are releasing inFamous2 the week of E3.

I am not so worried about anybody "winning" E3 as I am excited to see what Sony has in store for the coming year/years.

Venatus-Deus2485d ago (Edited 2485d ago )

"Coming off the worst two months of the company's career"

Companies now have careers?

I stopped reading right there.

TheDarkness2485d ago

Again with this article Lmao. Im predicting wat the next one will be "How microsoft can win E3" Lame!

thugbob2485d ago

I know right.

Since when has E3 become a competition. smh

metsgaming2485d ago

your sick of the "how ----- can win E3 articles" ? How about the psn articles they are way more in number and never have anything new to say.

chidori6662485d ago

this pic of Drake say all...

Shadow Man2485d ago (Edited 2485d ago )

Crashing and Burning?

blizzard_cool2485d ago

...the stage down with their awesomeness?

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Philaroni2485d ago

Well for them to win E3 they need to focus on where they are the most weak which is still the PSN and its overall robustness. They got games down and hardware and there marketing has greatly improved. This goes for MS as well there weakness is games. Big N's is a focus on the hardcore. So they can all win E3 if they just put a focus on where they need to improve.

Why o why2485d ago

thats actually a good point but my priority is still games because baring the resent issues ive been fine with psn. Improvements shou;ld could and probably always will be made but e3 is primarily for games and the marketing of them. Hardware too but online would be number 3 or 4 for me

Philaroni2485d ago

Sony has said that they like to show games at E3, FW updates they can talk about when they like for MS it is different since they are a Software not an entertainment company. At the same time Sony must know the main reason people stick to the Xbox is XBL. I don't see why they would not want to challenge MS on that front. I personal expect to see some decent updates of PSN this year.

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The story is too old to be commented.