How Nintendo Can Win E3

With the 3DS out and Project Cafe on the way, DeltaGamer looks at what Nintendo will need to bring to E3 this year in order to win the show.

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Shok2674d ago

Does this question even need to be asked when we know they're going to reveal a new console?

Seijoru2674d ago

But will it have new IPs or the same old Mario, Metroid, Star Fox, etc.

Shok2674d ago

Oh no? Lol.

You're right though, who would want those quality franchises to keep coming back? I mean, Mario Galaxy 1 & 2 are the highest rated exclusives this gen, but Mario STILL needs to end. Who cares if the games are fun anymore? That's not what's important.

You're right, Starfox needs to end as well although there hasn't been a single console Starfox game this gen. Besides, who would want that classic Starfox 64 formula in HD?

N4g_null2673d ago

You know what is funny is at least nintendo doesn't take psp games and resell them to console owners at least we get sequel on top of remakes. I mean 3 uncharted in one console? Two resistances and no one hardly liked it. What another killzone?

I'm sorry if people don't like those games but people love nintendo franchises. Even the weak ones sell good.

Seriously nintendo has 3 RPGs, a new console with sequels of every thing I bought on the wii coming. They can't loose. The dev kits are easy to use even 3rd parties win.

The hd problem will be fixed. Plus it is more powerful. Hd gaming at 60fps period. I mean if you want gaming acting like bad movies then you still have Sony. But if you want real games you know the reason why it's called video games because we play games more than watching a movie. Then yeah nintendo should not have a problem.

Now fan boys will be pizzed but bias is a terrible drug. If nintendo turned all of their franchise into hello kitty I want be there for that, heck I'm sure 3rd parties pretty much need another hd console to make profits now.

I mean the ps3 may take a beating after this but hey it happens.

Kon2674d ago

And? It will be Mario Zelda and Metroid all over again in an endless loop

Neo Nugget2674d ago

Yeah, I KNOW! There were two Metroid games for the Wii.

Way too many.

AWBrawler2674d ago

they gone add a game to that every gen i see lol
Snes they were saying all mario, n64, they start saying mario and zelda, gamecube they started saying its mario zelda and metroid, (even though there was no metroid on N64 lol) I guess this time, they add Fire Emblem, Sin and Punishment, Pikmin, Animal Crossing, Smash Bros, or something else to the list.
and it's funny how they ignore 3rd Party games
haven't they heard of Killer 7, Resident Evil 4, Gun, Thirteen, Tales of Symphonia, no more heroes, Red Steel, Muramasa, Prince of Persia, Sonic, Cursed Mountain, Eternal Darkness, or anything third party before?

MariaHelFutura2674d ago (Edited 2674d ago )

By having Shok decide who wins.


GameGambits2674d ago

Step 1:
Show up and show off the Wii 2.
Step 2:
Accept the win.

The end.

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TheDarkness2674d ago

Here we go again with these Bs articles: "How microsoft can win e3" "how sony can win e3""E3 predictions blaw blaw blaw, Just wait till e3 and im sure all of that will be answered.

metsgaming2674d ago

These article are much better than the psn ones. This is actually interesting and its fun to wonder what they have hidden and to speculate on the announcements.

Sonic the Hedgehog2674d ago

There games have to be faster.

phoenixdown2674d ago


come on guys. i like to play nintendo games too, but let's not kid ourselves here.

MariaHelFutura2674d ago

They should just make "The Legend Of Mario" and get it over with. Instead of a horse to traverse the universe you get a Kart.

aznrunner18812674d ago

Or better yet, Grand Theft Princess: Trippin on Shrooms

Titanz2674d ago (Edited 2674d ago )

If Sony had franchises they could constantly reinvent, they'd probably be as well know as Mario,Zelda,Metroid,Donkey Kong,Kirby,F-Zero,etc.

Sony does have first party software, it just that the majority of consumers enjoy Nintendo's first party software(3rd party software was something Sony always relied on).


Please, elaborate.

OhMyGandhi2674d ago (Edited 2674d ago )

unfortunately, the "majority of consumers" are FORCED "to enjoy Nintendo's first party software"

Titanz2673d ago (Edited 2673d ago )

So 86 million plus, were "forced to buy the Nintendo Wii?".

Your logic is flawed.

AWBrawler2674d ago

Pikmin was just created last gen had only 2 games, and has yet to be released this gen! Trolls please Try Harder, by that Logic, I could Say Nexbox is going to be all elder scroll, because it had 2 games, or PS4 is going to be all Katamari Damacy? since it had 2 games on the PS2

ScubaSteve12674d ago

unless u mean the re-release f pikmin 1, but no 2

AWBrawler2673d ago

again only 2 games. remakes do not equal a new game

nikola9872673d ago (Edited 2673d ago )

I would literally stab and kill someone for new pikmin game! :D

ScubaSteve12674d ago

its not a dam contest, there are NO WINNERS

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