Street Fighter IV Revisited - An Exclusive Preview For The Arcade Edition

Capcom's third revision of the mighty Street Fighter IV title, labeled 'Arcade Edition', has hurricane kicked its way into the MCM Expo today for an exclusive preview along with some Q&A with their very own 'Leo Tan'.

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flipmop442311d ago

Arcades used to be the best, I really wish they would make a comeback.

honestpizza2311d ago

This game is the reason arcades still exist.

KiWi17112311d ago (Edited 2311d ago )

I'm not too happy that they intentionally made the game balance the way it is in Arcade Edition. Feels like a 2 Steps forward with Super; 1 Step back with Arcade Edition to me.

Oh well. Since all arcades are extint around my city, I'll just have to wait until the console DLC to make a better judgement call.