E3 2011 Predictions

Plughead: The Amazing Chriswell turns his mystic eye of prediction to this year's E3 Expo.

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Warprincess1162635d ago

Well his predictions were lame. Sony was the best on that list.

Kon_Artist 2635d ago

Kingdom hearts would be epic.

maybe they'll say that 8 days is back into development.

jony_dols2635d ago

Prediction #10: Hitman Absolution will get a decent trailer and not much else. It will look very Splinter Cell Conviction-y, to the horror of fans... LOLZ!

metsgaming2635d ago

Prediction #2: LucasArts will actually announce a game. That brings their total games coming out to, oooh, one (Star Wars: The Old Republic has nothing to do with them). It will not, however, be Star Wars Battlefront III. That’d be too obvious and lucrative, and LucasArts doesn’t do that.

Its sad but true ROFL

Soldierone2635d ago

Itd be funny if they just announce Battlefront 4 and skip 3 all together lmao

kesvalk2635d ago

my prediction is that duke nuken forever will be delayed to q4 2011.

KingofGambling2635d ago (Edited 2635d ago )

I don't like his prediction about Agent going to the 360.
Sony knows that Rockstar is a talented well known developers/publisher, Sony would try to secure an exclusive deal with them, LA Noire was once an exclusive to the PS3, but Sony let it go in order to pursue for Agent. If there's any deal about timed exclusive it would be for GTA V it happen to GTA SA it could happen again.

jony_dols2634d ago (Edited 2634d ago )

I highly doubt Agent will go multi.

When R* bought over Team Bondi, TB were working on L.A Noire as a PS3 exclusive. Sony had invested a lot of money & time in L.A Noire prior to the takeover, and as part of the buyout, R* said they would develop an exclusive game for the PS3 to compensate for L.A going multi-platform. Hence we got the Agent announcement.

This takeover stuff isn't petty fanboyism. It is business. R*'s exclusive PS3 title is more than likely, legally binding & is tied to the takeover deal. If Rockstar were to pull out, they would be liable.