EA Set To Throw Down The Gauntlet At E3 2011 "It's rather popular in todays industry to not only declare that you're going to be making a game, but that your game will absolutely annihilate the competition with its wide variety of features, details, and general offerings. I like to picture it as an old fashioned duel, where one man slaps another with a leather glove, or perhaps where a knight takes off his gauntlet only to toss it down for another man to pick it up and accept his challenge. So enter EA in 2011, a publisher that is not only ambitiously looking to take down the most successful FPS franchise created in recent years, but also looking to bring back older IPs and reinforce a few existing series. It will be a pretty busy year for EA and this E3 will be a good chance for the publisher to show how ambitious they really are."

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JDouglasGU2670d ago

Mass Effect 3 and Battlefield 3? Oh yeah, they're showing up.

Warprincess1162670d ago

Who cares about those games. I just want Dragon age 3 and Mirror Edge 2

Hardedge2670d ago

I'd argue that a lot of people care for those games. Especially BF3. After what they did to DA2, I'm not holding my breath for DA3. A new Mirror's Edge would be awesome, but considering DICE is still working on BF3, an announcement at E3 seems unlikely.

evrfighter12670d ago

who cares about those game I personally enjoy the kewl look of a brain hemorrhage shot and kamikaze's are pretty good too.

someone recommend a good tequila that's not patron.

BeastlyRig2670d ago

Mirror Edge 2? yeah DA3 no..

moaradin2670d ago

Don't forget SWTOR, which is just as big, if not bigger.

ATiElite2669d ago

E3 in just Ten more days...oh god, I can't wait.

even though I'm a hardcore PC Gamer....I wanna see Agent for the PS3 and Codename Kingdoms for the 360! lots of hype for two games we have seen Zero about so I wanna know "can they deliver".

other than that I'm sick of seeing BF3....SICK cause i can't play it yet!

Hardedge2670d ago

Can't wait to see BF3 multiplayer. That's going to rock so hard.

Poopee2670d ago

I hope they have a new mode. BC2's Rush is my favorite (Squad DM is awesome too =D). I can't wait for E3!!!!!

KeiserSosay47882669d ago

They already said that you can play 64 player rush on Karkand! BF3 is gonna rock...

Hardedge2668d ago

Oh man, 64 player rush is going to be insane. o_O

ShawnCollier2669d ago

Yeah, BF3's multiplayer looks insane.

BeastlyRig2670d ago (Edited 2670d ago )

SWTOR!!! The creators of mass effect making an mmo? Me Want!!