President Obama received Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings from Polish prime minister!

According to polish news tv station - TVN24, President Obama recieved from Polish prime minister, Collector`s Edition of Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. Obama has also received Witcher book, autographed by the author and iPad with polish films.

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Kon2550d ago


evrfighter12550d ago

I wonder what he was thinking when he saw the "Assassins of Kings" part.

starcb262550d ago

He's not a king though.

egidem2550d ago

Thing is he's probably going to play for like a couple of hours, then put the game on the self then that's it. His copy will never see the light of a disc tray again.

I_find_it_funny2550d ago

HAHA, I wonder how it went down,

Hey Obama, heard bout the Witcher? check it out, it owns man

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Theonetheonly2549d ago

I do not read Mox-news more than likely for the same reason you don't?

I honestly believe I am free to speak what I wish as you are free to disagree and refute.

However I don't usually result to insults...

I have 3 children.

I happen to read a lot about the political structure currently employed by this nation, and feel well within my ability to speak.

I take time on a lot of things not always what others would but I wanted to know, what about what I said had anything to do with a conspiracy?

Dissent is the highest form of patriotism.

Also note that I am not trying to argue with you, because arguing is like mud wrestling with a pig; after a while you get tired and then... you realize that the pig likes it.


Have a good day konabro

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ATiElite2550d ago (Edited 2550d ago )

I can just hear them now over at Fox Propaganda News!

O'Reily- "Not only is President Obama a black man with a Muslim name but.... he also is a PC Gamer....How low has this man sunk in 3 years since being elected.

Hannity - "Nooooooooooooooooooooooo oooo! we are all doomed! wait isn't PC gaming dead?

Beck - "That's the last Got-Dam straw o'reily! I don't care how many problems this man "Obama" has fixed we have got to get him outta here! This is just not America anymore". Him being a PC gamer is more proof Obama was not born in America.

Hannity - "See if people would have just voted for Bush a 3rd time like we told them they could this never would of happened"

Ducky2550d ago

I wonder what the specs on Obama's PC are....

somerandomdude2550d ago

Actually, traditionally dems have been more against video games then republicans.

Hilary Clinton wanted gta San Andreas banned. Obama made a statement about how video games are raising our children.

But I will agree that fox news is ridiculous.

xtreampro_REVENGE!2550d ago

Obama's a Muslim name? how exactly does someone have a "Muslim" name? don't you mean an Arabic or Persian name?

YourFlyness2550d ago

I'm sure he is a PC elitist

Saladfax2550d ago

@ xtream

The reason (dumb) people talk about Obama being a Muslim or affiliated with them is because of his middle name: Hussein.

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ATiElite2550d ago

well Bill Clinton fulfilled every mans fantasy of "getting it on" in the Oval office!

and President Obama will fulfill every PC Gamers fantasy of playing The Witcher 2 on the most futuristic PC and monitors the world has every made which reside inside the Presidents "Situation Room" at the white House....what a lucky guy! They got wall to wall large screen monitors in there.

His PC's are probably all Proprietary Space Age IBM's with 5GB Encryption running on hardware made outta living tissue and plasma cells while the CPU is made out of Crystals and actually has "human" brain Cells in it or just some high dollar stuff from Newegg.

Either way it's better than what any of us will buy 10 years from now.

DrFUD2550d ago

And I guarantee you he will never play them

radphil2550d ago

You might want to rephrase that to never play them while under Presidency.

radphil2550d ago (Edited 2550d ago )

I have no idea where the rampant disagrees came from.

Either people just love to troll-disagree on here, or people constantly misunderstand.

caboose322550d ago

Haha Poland must REALLY be proud of TW2 to have to give it to a president for a gift.

KeiserSosay47882550d ago (Edited 2550d ago )

I actually just finished the game about 30 minutes ago...

I've played ALOT of RPGs, I mean ALOT...and this game, even though sort of short for an RPG, is hands down the best RPG i've played this generation and one of the greatest of ALL time.

OT: I don't know if he will have time to play, but I hope he does!

TheColbertinator2550d ago

Sweet game.He should play it.