Bungie revealing new IP on Bungie day (7/7)?

In the latest Bungie Weekly Update on their main website, they have hinted that a possible reveal on “Bungie day”, which falls on 7/7. Find out more after the break!

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VersusEM2760d ago

wait, theirs a Bungie Day now. When the $%@* did that happen?

EagleBurn2760d ago

A long time ago lol, years.

gogeta2760d ago

i wish there was a national holiday for it.

Army_of_Darkness2760d ago

Would I be applicable to this bungie holiday even if I dont own anything bungie related!? Cause if not, screw that shit. Lol!

user98412882760d ago

I know right?! Damn hallmark holidays

RockmanII72760d ago

The first Bungie day was in 2007

ATiElite2760d ago

gonna have to inform my employer that this is a PAID HOLIDAY for me!

egidem2760d ago

A long time ago. Bungie will always be remembered as those guys who created Halo: Combat Evolved, one of the most epic shooter in the history of gaming.

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Poopee2760d ago

I think Bungie would be better off with Microsoft even though I wouldn't be able to play on my PS3. Activision is just evil and them getting Bungie is a disaster. :( I hope they announce an MMOFPS though.

news4geeks2760d ago

Hopefully Bungie are big enough not to let Activision push them around and hamper their creative vision. They have proven their talent, Activision would be foolish to dictate to them like what happened with Infinity Ward.

HK62760d ago

Bungie are in full control of their next project. They are just using Activision to publish it and nothing more.

LightofDarkness2760d ago

Bungie Day is 7/7? Jesus, I think you could pick a better date than the anniversary of the London bombings :/

EagleBurn2760d ago

They picked this day before the London bombings, so blame the terrorists for that one, even though you should anyway. Bungie was first.

RockmanII72760d ago

Actually the bombings were first, but Bungie picked 7/7 because 7 is their special number.

EagleBurn2760d ago

Well if you are right, the terrorists are still to blame, not Bungie.

thrasherv32760d ago

@LightofDarkness: That's like asking the emergency number in America changed because of what happened on September 11th.

@RockmanII7: Actually Bungie day was first. Fans of the developers have been celebrating the day before Halo's inception.

SixZeroFour2760d ago

@thrasherv3 - bungie day officially first started on 07/07/07 and yea it was created on that day because of bungies love for the number 7

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Avraj452760d ago

I can't wait to find out what they are working on.

Jocosta2760d ago

As usual it will be another map pack or some such garbage, I am always let down by these speculations.

EagleBurn2760d ago

From the article:
"They have already confirmed they are no longer making Halo: Reach DLC, which that job has been passed on to 343 Industries, so it seems like all of Bungie’s hands are on their next project."

Jocosta2760d ago

Thanks, shame on me for skimming the article.

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The story is too old to be commented.