How to Cancel Xbox Live Auto Renew Without Support Help

Lots of people seem to be in the same bag here as they do not want to bother calling Xbox Live Support to cancel their auto-renewal for the Xbox Live service.

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prongs1232676d ago

Microsoft's website, there's an option for that.

TheBeast2676d ago

How do you think you can do it without calling support >.> and its a trick, not a standard option.

rob60212676d ago (Edited 2676d ago )

1. Why can't you do it on the console itself?
Reason: to make it a huge inconvenience so you avoid doing it. More profit.

2. Why can't you do it on like it even seems to indicate you can.
Reason: to make it a huge inconvenience so you avoid doing it. More profit.

3 Option 3, change your CC details so MS can't bill you next pay period.
Answer: YOU CANT that would be an easy way out. More profit.

4. Option 4 you call MS tech support and wait on the line for who knows how long to finally get autorenewal ticked off.
Reason: to make it a huge inconvenience so you avoid doing it. More profit.

5 Option 5: Have someone figure out a loophole where you pretend you moved to Illinois where they actually have a law preventing MS from practicing this crap on their customers. Dig up a fake zip code and city and lie.
Reason: MS can't legally can't avoid this, so they have to comply.

TBM2676d ago (Edited 2676d ago )

I had to call customer support to cancel subscription since I couldn't do it on the system or online. When I finally got through they tried to bribe me with a 1000 free ms pts.

I told them I don't play online that much and they can keep the pts.

I found that they are like the mob refusing to let you go when you want nothing to do with them lol. I'll gladly stay a silver member for as long as my elite lasts.

Hitman07692676d ago

I've heard horror stories about cancelling this. Good to know there's an easier way.

Denethor_II2676d ago

Yes it's very tricky. Especially talking to an American or Indian operator as I find them hard to understand.

SixZeroFour2676d ago

i think its easier to go with LIVE subscription cards and most of the time you can find cheap deals and not pay full its win win

THWIP712676d ago (Edited 2676d ago ) can just report to your bank or CC company that MS has hijacked your card, and demand a new one. They send you another card, with the balance already transferred, and cancel the old one. Even with the same billing address, MS cannot submit charges against an account with a different #. This is true with any company who previously had access to your CC or bank account info.

Of course the EASIEST way to avoid this, is to never purchase Live through MS in the first place...Amazon is ALWAYS way below retail on Live subs, usually by $15-$20.

EDIT: Awwww...I got disagrees already, from some kiddies who haven't learned how to deal with real-world issues yet. Go grow some pubic hair, get a job, pay your own bills, etc...then come back here in a few years and join in on adult conversations. :o

TheBeast2676d ago

Oh yes "Microsoft" hijacking your credit card. That goes so well, its like peanut butter and jelly >.> Who in the right mind would do that?!

THWIP712676d ago

People get scammed buying off TV, like the paid infomercials, QVC, etc. , and magazine subscription "services" all the time. It's very risky to give out your CC info by phone, or to a company you can't check out first. They can have "fine print" policies in place that give them the right to continue sending you merchandise...without you requesting it...and forcing to you deal with either paying for it, or go through a headache getting the merchandise your expense.

Legion2676d ago

First off... you can't just do anything to your card if you still want your gamertag and everything attached to it. If your current credit card associated to the account reaches it's experation date or is not able to be accessed when renewal comes up then your account will be locked for online. It will not revert to silver status.

So yes... you could attempt to do what you said but you will loose all online marketplace options for that gamertag.

THWIP712676d ago

People change bank accounts and credit cards ALL THE TIME dude. Job change, moving, or just switching banks for better rates/'s just business. MS knows this, and CANNOT interrupt services you've already paid for, just because you changed bank accounts. Sure, they want to keep you locked in for the renewal...but legally, they can't do so by hijacking your bank account. That's fraudulent.

Legion2676d ago

Talk to MS about it. My daughters account was locked until I fixed her credit card information. Per the Live agreement it states something about billing information needing to be correct or something like that. So unless you call MS up directly and get things removed then yes they can suspend your srvice if billing information is incorrect. And that is a nightmare dealing with them on removing a credit card from your account. Best to ONLY use the prepaid cards from the beginning.

Bigpappy2676d ago

That will happen only if the gold account expires.

radphil2676d ago (Edited 2676d ago )

"THWIP71 + 2h ago
That's not true at all...."

Actually it is. We've had a representative actually tell us about that. It's because the billing info HAS to be correct, otherwise it's considered suspicious activity.

That and I had 2 co-workers have that happen. This was at the time the account "expired" with the Gold subscriptions.

Just because the person can do it does NOT mean there won't be any repercussions.

It's just still to this day no one really questioned to the company why cards are locked onto the account during a subscription. You've already paid for it.

rob60212676d ago (Edited 2676d ago )

Last time I was a gold member, they tried locking my account down on me too - since my cc on the account was expired, but I just ignored it about a week later and 3-5 emails they finally gave in and downgraded me back to silver.

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Happythedog2676d ago

Rofl at the edit, bubble for ownage.

PS360PCROCKS2676d ago

really now? Cancel your CC and it cancels everything huh? That's funny i tried that once and my bank STILL paid for shit and renewed stuff. It's still attached to your account whether you cancel the card or not. It's not that easy, but this being a renewal I don't know if that's allowed.

THWIP712676d ago

Then you're doing it wrong. :o

PS360PCROCKS2676d ago

doing it wrong? your kidding me right?

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cliffbo2676d ago

just cancel it from your bank then ms cannot take your money

rob60212676d ago

then pay to issue a new one? might as well get another month of xbox live instead of canceling.

T3MPL3TON 2676d ago

What kinda poop bank do you have?

I had to cancel my card because of the Sony BS and never paid a dime. You might wanna get a new bank, man.

Bigpappy2676d ago

You guys are amusing. You can change your credit card info from the account manager on your Xbox. This is not something that needs an article and 200 comments to resolve. I have had M$ email me many times to update my card info. Because the card had expired or I did not remove the old card from active. It is very symple to change your card number or just update it with the wrong number. They can not update without the correct info.

rob60212676d ago (Edited 2676d ago )

Wow, you're absolutely wrong.

Go try it, you can't even change your details on the credit card without MS verifying its a real card. What you said doesn't work if you have an active Gold membership.

Account manager on the XBOX, refers you to When you go to (and remember you windows live password for extra inconvenience) you try to remove/change your card with an active gold subscription you're greeted with a message that says: This payment option cannot be removed at this time. Go to the Payment method information page to view services associated with this payment option.

MS Billing gives you this message if you click the help thing about auto renewal:
A scheduled renewal occurs when a subscription is set for automatic renewal on a future date. Your service will be renewed when the scheduled renewal date arrives.
You can't cancel a scheduled renewal in Billing and Accounts Management. For more information, see Contact Customer Support

@T3mpl3ton, I had to cancel my card from the Sony thing, since it was a debit card they charged me $5 for a new one ><.

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