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Dealspwn writes: "The Short Version: The online functionality saves Daggerdale from being a complete disaster, but the gameplay is ultimately too tedious and the game engine too weak to take the strain when the action heats up. It’s a failed attempt for console gamers. PC gamers should be aware that there are lots of better alternatives, even in the free-to-play range."

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Neko_Mega2672d ago

I play D&D with the books and all, I didn't care for this game to much. Not saying its bad, but not a type of game style I care for.

I would love to see a D&D game on consoles from the books, meaning make your own character as deep as you can with the books.

NyGiants72672d ago

That would be sweet, and make a feature so you can create your own maps like in Modnation racers.

vikingland12672d ago

He didn't even mention all the glitches of which they are game breakers.